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Pro-Series 1 1/2" Brass Fill Valve

Pro-Series 1 1/2" Brass Fill Valve

Item #: WFS150N
OUR PRICE: $220.00

Pro-Series 1 1/2" Brass Fill Valve

The WFS150N Pro-Series 1 1/2" Brass Fill Valve is the ideal accessory for use in water fill boxes, skimmers, and vaults to maintain optimum levels of water in various applications.

The high-quality WFS150N fill valve is much-improved on the typical cheap quality versions which are made of plastic. The WFS150N includes a brass body and brass rods for a more durable stronger fill valve.

The valve rod or arms of the fill valve may be adjusted to fit your precise requirements.

This brass fill valve is 19 1/2" in overall length with a 1-1/2" MPT connection. It also comes with a plastic float that is 8" in diameter.

The recommended flow rate is 90 GPM Flow at 15 PSI or 129 GPM at 35 PSI. The suggested maximum water pressures is 35 psi.

The pro-Series brass fill valves offer superior quality and will remain leak-proof over time. Much superior to the plastic counterparts these brass fill valves are proven to be both durable and longer-lasting.