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Kasco Marine 3400HAF 3/4 HP Surface Pond Aerator 230v

Kasco Marine 3400HAF 3/4 HP Surface Pond Aerator 230v

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Product Description

 Kasco Surface Aerator - Pond Sizing Chart
Pump Size Recommended Pond Size
1/2 HP Aerate up to 1/2 Acre
3/4 HP Aerate up to 3/4 Acre
1 HP Aerate up to 1 Acre
2 HP Aerate up to 2 Acres
3 HP Aerate up to 3 Acres
5 HP Aerate up to 5 Acres

The Kasco 3/4 HP Surface Aerator, designed for superior oxygen transfer, is an efficient solution for medium-sized ponds or tanks, ideally covering areas up to 3/4 acre. With its high-performance single open propeller, it generates water droplets that are propelled into the air, facilitating effective oxygenation and ensuring uniform distribution throughout the water body. This model is capable of operating in water depths as minimal as 17.5 inches.

Package Includes:

  • Motor unit
  • Power cord
  • Float
  • Mounting hardware

Optional Components:

  • Bottom screen
  • Control panel

Key Features:

  • 3/4 HP motor operating on 230V, optimized for continuous, around-the-clock activity.
  • Suitable for water bodies with depths starting from 17.5 inches.
  • Power cord options extend up to 400 ft, accommodating larger pond sizes and layouts.


  • Promotes aquatic health by efficiently oxygenating the water, combating issues like bad odors, fish mortality due to oxygen depletion, and unwanted algae and sediment buildup.
  • High-efficiency design ensures low power consumption and operational costs.
  • Durable and reliable, with a heavy-duty motor and corrosion-resistant construction that stands up to saltwater and other harsh environments.

Durability and Safety:

  • ETL listed to UL and CSA standards, signifying adherence to rigorous safety and quality benchmarks.
  • Includes a sacrificial zinc anode to prevent corrosion, prolonging unit life.
  • Low maintenance needs due to its dependable and robust design.

Installation and Maintenance:

  • Easy installation with included float and three 50 ft. mooring lines.
  • SJTOW underwater rated power cords ensure safe and long-lasting operation.
  • Shipped via FedEx, ensuring quick and secure delivery.

Warranty and Support:

  • Backed by a 2-year warranty, reflecting commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Control Panel Options:

  • The C-220 control panel is tailored for 230V units like this one, featuring GFCI protection, a 24-hour timer, and convenient field terminal connections within a durable enclosure, offering a cost-effective solution without lighting control.

The Kasco 3/4 HP 230V Surface Aerator is the definitive choice for maintaining a healthy and vibrant pond environment, combining efficient aeration with robust design and ease of use.