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2 HP Kasco Surface Pond Aerator - 230v

Item #: 8400AF050
OUR PRICE: $2,484.00

The Kasco 2 HP Surface Pond Aerator kit comes with a motor unit, a power cord, and a special float. The cable is 50’ long and has been approved to work underwater, while a single piece float is made of UV resistant high-density thermoplastic, therefore it’s all completely safe. It’s a standard kit, but it can be extended with a bottom screen or a control panel.

It was specifically designed to operate in small and shallow waters. It’s normally used for backyard ponds, municipal wastewater ponds, industrial plants, commercial aquaculture, and industrial plants. It’s the perfect alternative for anyone who needs to aerate their reservoir but does not wish for a fountain.

All Kasco aerators are lightweight and self-contained, they float at the surface with only a single power cord. There’s no electricity in the water because of it, so it poses no danger. 

Kasco 2 HP Surface Pond Aerators are among the most efficient devices destined for oxidizing ponds. They will help your water and the air to stay clean and healthy providing the best environment for fish and plants, and a place for people to gather around.

They are selling fast so there’s no time to waste. Give us a call to know the details and see if it’s something you need. And remember that your motor gets a 3-year warranty!