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4400HAF - 1 HP Kasco - 230V Surface Pond Aerator

4400HAF - 1 HP Kasco - 230V Surface Pond Aerator

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Product Description

Secret To Pond Excellence

If you have a pond that is less than 1 acre and needs to be aerated then you should consider buying the Kasco 1 HP Surface Aerator The aerator floats at the surface and ensures that there is a proper water circulation and aeration. The device has one power cord. A single motor will draw 230V while using 1 HP. It can run 24/7, or you can set the time so that it will work only at a specified time. Thermal overload protection and 2 long-life bearings are also included. For the same price, you will receive a motor, a float, and a power cord. If you’d like, you can additionally order a bottom screen and control panel from our website. The aerator will ensure that there is enough dissolved oxygen in the water, which will protect from the overgrowth of algae and ensure that the pond retains its esthetic value for a long time. At the same time, dissolved oxygen will make the water much clearer.


 210 - 230V 

 1 HP operates in as little as 19 in. of water

 Optional control panels feature human-rated GFCI protection

 2 Year Warranty



The Included Documents:
Instruction Manuel PDF
Spec Sheet

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