Collection: Aqua Fountains & Arching Stream Fountain Kits

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Collection: Aqua Fountains & Arching Stream Fountain Kits

Easypro Aqua Fountain ½ HP - The Aqua Fountain by Easypro has proven to be reliable accessory to any pond. Used for aeration or decoration the ½ HP motor has been designed for rugged continual use. The fountain features an aluminum screen that prevents leaves, twigs or other debris from clogging the pump. Its decorative float cover is made of high-density foam to provide years of service and includes a 100-foot cord with longer lengths available. Unit operates on 115-volts can be used with optional light kit for nighttime decoration. Built-in thermal protection to prevent damage to the motor and includes a timer as well as a GFI control panel.

Easypro Aqua Fountain 1 HP - This one HP Aqua Fountain can provide the appearance of a large fountain without the big fountain price. It operates on 115-Volts and comes complete with timer and GFI panel. The heavy duty motor is thermal protected for current protection and floats in high-density foam with natural attractive decoration. Spray nozzles on the fountain can be adjusted without tools to provide a wide array of fountain looks. The pump is protected by an aluminum screen to keep leaves, twigs and other debris from entering the pump and clogging it up or causing damage.


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