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Vianti Falls Stainless Wall Scupper - Square

Item #: SWS2SN
OUR PRICE: $240.99

Vianti Falls Stainless Wall Scupper

EasyPro Vianti Falls Stainless steel Square Pouring Scuppers provide the perfect decorative options to complete your water feature. The low volume of water that pours from these spouts creates a charming cascade of water.

The EasyPro Vianti Falls Stainless steel Square Scupper SWS2S has the following specifications;

  • Dimensions are: 2.5" wide x 2.5" tall x 11" in length
  • Recommended Flow Rate: 5-10 GPM
  • Inlet: 1" FPT Inlet
  • Bonding lugs included
  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction

Please note that during manufacturing small residual metal particles might cling to the surface of the stainless square scupper and during use rust. It isn't permanent and will wipe off easily with the aid of a damp rag.

The SWS2S is electropolished for extra protection in chlorinated systems such as pools. You will be pleased to know that this quality stainless square scupper is made in the USA.

You can also choose from Round, Channel or Diamond Vianti Falls stainless steel scuppers.

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