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Kasco Deicers Time and Temperature Controller

Kasco Deicers Time and Temperature Controller

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Product Description

Kasco Deicers Time and Temperature Controller

The Kasco C-20 Time and Temperature Controller is an affordable way to save money by reducing the electrical usage of your de-icer during wintertime.

The  C-20 Time and Temperature Controller is designed exclusively for Kasco 120-volt marine de-icers and water circulators. It controls their usage by ensuring they only run at intervals that are preset.

The usage is controlled by both temperature and time. This ensures that there is no unneeded runtime conserving your energy and cash. How much you will be able to save in energy consumption will vary depending on the region you live in but look forward to noticeable savings.

Kasco leads the way in ice control engineering and you can expect a high standard of reliability and performance from the C-20.

One C-20 Time and Temperature Controller can control one 120V de-icer. The C-20 will need to acclimate to the ambient outdoor temperature for optimal operation. It is advised to allow a minimum of one hour for the unit to adjust.

If you want to save energy and money by reducing unnecessary run time then look no further. Over time this energy-efficient time and temperature controller will pay for itself.

We also stock the Kasco C-10 which is a more basic model and controls just the temperature turning the de-icer on when there is a drop in temperature.


Part # Description Amps/Volts Ship Weight
KD12 Deicer, 1/2 HP 5.0/115v 25 lbs.
KD34 Deicer, 3/4 HP 6.7/115v 35 lbs.
KD34H Deicer, 3/4 HP 3.35/230v 35 lbs.
KD44 Deicer, 1 HP 11.3/115v 45 lbs.
KD44H Deicer, 1 HP 5.7/230v 45 lbs.
C10 Temperature Only Controller N/A 3 lbs.
C20 Time and Temperature Controller N/A 4 lbs.
KDM Dock Mount Hardware (1" pipe supplied locally) N/A 14 lbs.
KFK Floatation Kit For Circulators/Deicers N/A 19 lbs.