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Kasco Deicers Temperature Controller

Kasco Deicers Temperature Controller

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Product Description

Kasco Deicers Temperature Controller

The Kasco C-10 Thermostat Controller is designed to save you money by reducing your electric bills. Over time the C-10 will actually pay for itself by simply just controlling the operation of your Kasco de-icer so that it only operates when it’s needed. It’s the perfect addition to a de-icing system.

Basically the Kasco C-10 utilizes an air temperature thermostat that turns the de-icer on when the temperature drops below a set point decided by you.

It’s really simple to use just plug the de-icer into the Kasco C-10 Controller you then set the dial to the temperature that you require the de-icer to operate at. Once the air temperature drops to the reading that you have set the de-icer will come on automatically.

Kasco recommends setting the temperature at 30°F.

There’s a built-in  2.5°F differential, When the temperature of the water rises to 2.5°F above the set level it will automatically turn off.

One Kasco C-10 Thermostat Controller  will control one 120V De-Icer.

The Kasco C-10 is the basic model that makes use of an air temperature thermostat to operate the de-icer when the temperature drops. We also stock the advanced C-20 Controller that controls both the time and temperature of the de-icer. Either model will help you save money on your power bills.


Part # Description Amps/Volts Ship Weight
KD12 Deicer, 1/2 HP 5.0/115v 25 lbs.
KD34 Deicer, 3/4 HP 6.7/115v 35 lbs.
KD34H Deicer, 3/4 HP 3.35/230v 35 lbs.
KD44 Deicer, 1 HP 11.3/115v 45 lbs.
KD44H Deicer, 1 HP 5.7/230v 45 lbs.
C10 Temperature Only Controller N/A 3 lbs.
C20 Time and Temperature Controller N/A 4 lbs.
KDM Dock Mount Hardware (1" pipe supplied locally) N/A 14 lbs.
KFK Floatation Kit For Circulators/Deicers N/A 19 lbs.