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Easypro Sludge Remover Bacteria - 12ct. 1oz Water Soluble Packs

Easypro Sludge Remover Bacteria - 12ct. 1oz Water Soluble Packs


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Product Description

EasyPro pond bacteria is designed specifically to remove organic sludge from water gardens. Sludge is the result of fish waste, dead algae/plant material, uneaten fish food, leaves and other debris. Left in the pond, sludge acts as a stimulant for water quality problems. EasyPro bacteria is a dry powder that, when introduced to the water, starts to breakdown and liquefy organic sludge. The result is a cleaner pond, less water quality problems, higher oxygen content and improved water clarity. (MSDS: Sludge Remover)

  • New premeasured one ounce soluble packets for easy application
  • Extends filter life between cleanings
  • Removes sludge
  • Removes odors
  • Harmless to fish, plants and wildlife!
  • Strongly recommended for ponds with gravel covered bottom where sludge can build up