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Shore-Klear Emergent Aquatic Herbicide

Shore-Klear Emergent Aquatic Herbicide

Item #: RO16
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Shore-Klear is EPA registered for use in and around aquatic sites to control a broad spectrum of emerged aquatic weeds and herbaceous plants. A broad spectrum herbicide, Shore-Klear® works through systemic action, whereby the active ingredient (glyosphate) is absorbed through the plant foliage and translocated (moved) throughout the plant ultimately killing the roots.

Shore-Klear works best when used in conjunction with a non-ionic surfactant such as Cygent Plus. This product will not control submerged plants or where the majority of plant foliage is under water. 


"Non-Agriculture Use Requirements" it states  "Keep people and pets off treated areas until spray solution has dried to prevent transfer of this product onto desirable vegetation".  Under the agricultural use it recommends not entering the treated are for 12 hours after the treatment is applied.