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16 ft Tower Powder Coated Windmill Aeration System

16 ft Tower Powder Coated Windmill Aeration System

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Product Description

This aeration system is an excellent idea if you want to aerate the water in the pond without having to connect to the electricity. You will no longer have to pay the utility costs, but there’s more - you will save the planet too! If you want to increase the esthetic value of your pond, you can choose the following sections - blades, braces, tail, tower, dome, to be painted either red, black, white, yellow, green, bronze, silver, or blue.

Why is it a good idea to purchase this aerating system?

  • In low winds can pump up to 3 CFM, and up to 4.5 CFM in 15+ MPH winds
  • Easy assembly thanks to oval holes and rounded corners
  • The special design of the blades to catch more wind. Total head width is 73’’.
  • Large diaphragm uses a patent-pending “BalCam” Technology. Three sealed bearings increase the lifespan of the system. 
  • Larger compressor 1/2" piston stroke and 10" diaphragm - designed to produce the maximum amount of air and to increase the lifespan of parts. Check valves that increase air-flow
  • Can aerate the water with slow 3-5 mph winds.  
  • Up to 3 diffusers can be used to aerate ponds from ¼ acre up to 3 acres in size. 
  • The 54'' diameter head has 12 blades and is self-governing in high winds, which will prevent the damage to the windmill.
  • Durable parts that will last you for a long time
  • A 3-sided tower that can be lowered and raised to make the maintenance and repairs easier, and needs only 3 ground mounting locations. You can also purchase 12’ and 20’ towers.
  • 5-year warranty for the compressor, and a 3-year warranty for other windmill parts.

Windmill info

Dig three holes for each leg 3 ft deep

put 4ft rod that comes with the kit in the center and cement it

12' windmill leg to leg 63 inches

16' windmill leg to leg 82 inches

20' windmill leg to leg 100 inches

24' windmill leg to leg 119 inches

Blades tip to tip 6.1 feet long

18 gauge steel legs


0.5 CFM  5MPH

2 CFM  10MPH

3 CFM  15MPH

4.5 CFM  30MPH

New video on how to install your windmill:



The systems include:

  • Windmill Tower
  • Windmill Head with Compressor
  • 1 Membrane Diffuser with base
  • 100' non-weighted poly tubing that can be upgraded to weighted tubing for $145.00

Windmill Specifications:

Capacity Up to 4.5 CFM (cubic feet of air per min.)
Rating 30 PSI
Turbine Type Upwind
Rotor Diameter 73"
Swept Area 19.63 sq. ft.
Blade Design Proprietary
Transmission Direct drive
Stroke 0.5" Balanced Camshaft Design
Over speed Protection Automatic
Foundation 3 ground rods; 1" diameter pipe, 4' long