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Product Description

Industry leading performance, value & reliability!

  • Stainless steel pumps designed to run for years, internal water flow dissipates heat quickly allowing for longer life span
  • High efficiency motors pump more water using less energy than most competitors
  • 1/2 and 1 hp units are low head - high volume pumps, do not restrict piping or valve back these models
  • 2 hp and larger are medium head pumps and can be valved as needed for desired flow
  • 24' power cords on 2-5 hp, 30' power cords on 1/2 and 1 hp models

    It is often the case that various models of a centrifugal turf irrigation pump that are touted as best on the market are made of materials that will quickly get damaged by the wear and tear. If you are worried that this Munro Irrigation pump is like the other pumps, then your worries are unwarranted.  It's solid construction means that you'll be using this irrigation pump made by Munro for drawing water from ponds and well but also for water transfer for years to come. Numerous real-life examples of customers support the claims made by Munro that their products are more durable than those of their competitors. On our website, you can find models of this irrigation pump with the quality construction with 1/2, 1, 2, 3, or 5 horsepower. It means that you won't have to worry about its performance! The two drain valves make the maintenance of this pump much easier and less time-consuming.

    Part #
    Maximum Head
    Ship Weight
    List Price
    55 lbs.
    58 lbs.
    MRP20 2 9 59' 95 lbs. $1984.09
    MRP30 3 13.4 63' 103 lbs. $2071.19
    MRP50 5 12.8 84' 103 lbs. $2356.69


    What are the applications of Munro pumps?

    • Turf irrigation - drawing water from lakes and ponds
    • Boosting domestic water pressure
    • Water transfer

    The pump is made of reliable materials, and its solid construction is built to last. It doesn't matter for which of the previously mentioned applications of this centrifugal pump you are interested in. Whether it is water transfer or you want to pump water from lakes or wells - this pump will serve you well.

    We encourage you to browse our website to find other products that you might find useful. Although most of our products have many applications, our website if the best place to start if you want to maintain proper water circulation and aeration. Why is it so important?

    • If you own a large body of water, the chances are, there's not much oxygen at the bottom of the pond or a lake. Dissolved oxygen in the water is needed to make the process of decomposition quicker. That's why pond owners install pumps. Nature on its own will provide some oxygen to the water, but you might need to support it a little bit by installing pumps if you want to avoid having to deal with unpleasant odors.
    • If the water is stagnant and has low levels of dissolved oxygen, you might have problems with algae and weeds. Why? The organic waste at the bottom of the pond provides a lot of nutrients to algae. If you aerate the water, not only will you limit the amount of nutrients for algae. Fish thrive in water with higher levels of dissolved oxygen, which means that if you install air pumps, the population of fish in your pond will increase. As a consequence there will be less nutrients left for algae.
    • The studies have shown that mosquitoes prefer to lay eggs in bodies of water with low oxygen levels. What's best, on top of that, if you aerate the pond with air pumps, you'll have more snails and fish, and they will eat some of the mosquito larvae.