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KLC Koi Pond Aerators - 3000 to 22500 gallon ponds - Living Water Aeration

KLC Koi Pond Aerators - 3000 to 22500 gallon ponds

Item #: LA3
OUR PRICE: $699.00

Secret To Pond Excellence

Are you looking for an aerator that will provide enough oxygen to the water, but that will also excel at de-icing? A KLC Koi Pond Aerator is capable of both of those things! It’s a perfect choice if you want to make sure that there is proper water circulation in the nearby pond. You don’t have to worry about the air output - the dual linear diaphragm compressor will provide astounding results. This aerator is also energy-efficient and quiet, which means that your patience won’t be tested - either by the noise or by the surprisingly high electricity bills. A 3-year warranty is included. The device is safe for fish, pets, or children - there won’t be electricity in the water.


  • Despite its capabilities, it uses only 60 watts
  • The product is designed for 3000-22500 gallon ponds, though the maximum pond size is affected by factors such as fish load or filtration capacity
  • Maximum depth 7'
  • 3.1 cfm
  • 115v

Kit includes:

  • KLC60 compressor with a 6' power cord
  • Three rubber membrane diffusers
  • 75' of 3/8" Quick Sink tubing
  • Three valve air splitter, connectors, and fittings


Owners Manuel
​Spec Sheet