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Kasco Solar Surface Pond Aerator

Kasco Solar Surface Pond Aerator

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Product Description

 Kasco Surface Aerator - Pond Sizing Chart
Pump Size Recommended Pond Size
1/2 HP Aerate up to 1/2 Acre
3/4 HP Aerate up to 3/4 Acre
1 HP Aerate up to 1 Acre
2 HP Aerate up to 2 Acres

Kasco Solar Surface Aerators: Eco-Friendly Solutions for Healthier Ponds

Experience the efficiency and reliability of Kasco Solar Surface Aerators, available in 1/2 HP, 3/4 HP, 1 HP, and 2 HP options. These solar-powered aerators are designed for a wide range of applications, from farm ponds to industrial environments, providing sustainable and low-maintenance solutions to improve your pond's health and cleanliness.

Advanced Solar Aeration Technology

Kasco Solar Surface Aerators harness solar energy to maximize operation during daylight hours, running at reduced speeds during partial sunlight to extend daily run time. With all-in-one inverter controllers and integrated Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), these aerators efficiently convert DC power to AC power. The PicoCell™ 3500 Control Panel, included in the package, offers seamless control of your solar aerator's performance.

High-Performance Aeration for Optimal Pond Health

Engineered for small to medium-sized ponds and shallow waters, Kasco Solar Surface Aerators are among the most efficient and effective units on the market, according to testing performed by Auburn University. Delivering up to 3.0 lbs of O2 per horsepower per hour of operation, these self-contained units dramatically push high volumes of water into the air, breaking up stratification, eliminating odor, discouraging algae growth, and promoting a healthy aquatic environment.

Common Applications:

  • Commercial aquaculture
  • Residential ponds and lakes
  • Retention ponds
  • Leachate ponds
  • Industrial lagoons
  • Wastewater lagoons
  • Marina entrance and navigation


  • Proven performance for continuous, supplemental, or emergency use
  • 1/2, 3/4, and 1 HP units easily moved and installed by one person
  • Power cord lengths available up to 200 ft
  • Power cords can be protected with a flex sleeve cord protector
  • Optional control panels for all single-phase units

Package Includes:

  • Motor unit
  • Power cord
  • Float and mounting hardware
  • Optional bottom screen and hardware
  • PicoCell™ 3500 Control Panel

Warranty Information:

  • 2-year warranty on 1/2, 3/4, and 1 HP units
  • 3-year warranty on 2 HP units

Invest in a Kasco Solar Surface Aerator today for a sustainable, efficient, and healthy pond or water feature.