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5 HP Kasco Surface Pond Aerator - 230v

Item #: 51AF100
OUR PRICE: $3,918.00

If you have a small (5 acres or less) and shallow (from 26 inches up to 6 feet in depth) pond of fresh or salty water and you need to aerate it, but you wouldn’t like to get a fountain, 5 HP Kasco Surface Pond Aerator would be a perfect choice. 

It’s a surface aeration system that uses a submerged motor to push water into the air using an open propeller to create a crown of water at the surface of the reservoir. Then, while being in motion, water absorbs oxygen and returns to the reservoir, providing an underwater environment with oxygen. An oxygenated pond (or lake) is cleaner and healthier for both plants and fish. There aren’t any bad smells, algae or organic bottom muck.

For the price, you get a motor along with a float and a power cable (50’ long and approved to be used underwater). Both optional control panel and bottom screen are available on our website too.

It’s typically used for commercial aquaculture, agricultural ponds, industrial plants, municipal wastewater ponds, and backyard ponds, as it’s one of the most effective models available on the market.

There is a 3-year warranty for the motor. If you’re not sure what you should purchase for your needs, contact us - we are always happy to help.