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3 HP Kasco Surface Pond Aerator - 230v

Item #: 31AF050
OUR PRICE: $3,030.00

Kasco Surface Aerators are perfect for everybody who has a relatively small (less than 3 acres) and shallow (from as little as 24’’ up to 6’ deep) pond and wants to keep it oxygenated but doesn’t want to have a whole fountain. With only one power cord, this aerator floats at the surface, pumping and providing the right circulation.

With this model, a single motor draws as little as 230V while using 3 HP. It can either run all the time, 24/7, or you can set the timer to turn it on and off for you whenever you want it to work. Thermal overload protection and two long-life bearings are included.

The standard kit includes a motor, a float and a 50 feet power cable (which can be safely used underwater), but you can extend it by buying an optional control panel and a bottom screen.

According to tests performed by Auburn University, this reliable aerator really is one of the most efficient and effective on the market with its SAE (Standard Aeration Efficiency) being up to 3.0 lbs. of oxygen per horsepower per hour of operation.

Here, you get a 3-year warranty on the motor. If you have any other questions, give us a call or send a message.