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3.1AF - 3 HP Kasco - 230V Surface Pond Aerator

Item #: 31AF050
OUR PRICE: $4,191.00

Secret To Pond Excellence

If you want to aerate a pond (less than 3 acres, 24’’ to 6’ deep), then Kasco Surface Aerator is an excellent choice. The aerator will float at the surface while making sure that there is proper water circulation. It has one power cord, and a  single motor draws 230V while using 3HP. There are two options - you can either allow it to run continuously or set the timer so that it would turn on and off at a specific time. You don’t need to worry about the aerator being damaged - thermal overload protection, and two long-life bearings are included. You will receive a motor, a float, and a 50 feet long power cable, which can be safely used underwater, though you can also buy an optional control panel and a bottom screen. On top of that, you will also get a 3- year warranty on the motor.

The research conducted by Auburn University shows that this aerator, with an SAE (Standard Aeration Efficiency) of up to 3 lbs of oxygen per horsepower per hour of operation, is one of the efficient aerators currently available on the market.

 210 - 230V 

 3 HP operates in as little as 19 in. of water

 Optional control panels feature human-rated GFCI protection

 3 Year Warranty

​Documents Include:
Instruction Manuel PDF
Spec Sheet


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