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Eco-Series Ovation Pond Skimmer

Eco-Series Ovation Pond Skimmer


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Product Description

Eco-Series Ovation Pond Skimmer

This pond skimmer is the big brother of the Melody Pond Skimmer - they have a lot of things in common, but the Ovation Pond Skimmer can handle much more volume at 8100 Gallons Per Hour (GPH). It is very easy to install, with no tools or cutting through the liner needed. No-fuss, no mess - perfect if you’re a DYI landscaper who has a day job and no time to reinvent the wheel. You want easy solutions that will last you for a long time and make your pond beautiful. 90% of the debris that falls into your pond and wreaks havoc is from nearby trees and plants.

This skimmer does the job well - some of you new to pond installation might be wondering what exactly that is. Skimmers are necessary tools to help you with pond care - they get rid of loose particles that sink to the bottom of the pond and decompose, creating slime and gunk. They will keep your water clear.

If you have a waterfall in your pond, the best option is to place the skimmer on the opposite end - this will drive the fallen leaves and other debris naturally towards the skimmer.

What’s included:

  • Skimmer
  • Removable debris basket 
  • Filter pad 
  • Lid