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Airpro Diaphragm Compressor Pond Aerator - 1/8 Acre or Less

Airpro Diaphragm Compressor Pond Aerator - 1/8 Acre or Less


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Product Description

AirPro Diaphragm Compressor Pond Aerator is an excellent choice if you want to ensure that there is enough oxygen in the water to create a perfect ecosystem for fish.

The motor draws 3.4 amps of electricity and can pump up to 0.8 CFM of oxygen into the water, making sure that there is proper water circulation. 

The ⅜’’ weighted tubing is included, and it is very easy to install. It will sink to the bottom of the pond, which will improve the esthetic value of the pond, and protect the airline from being damaged by fishing lines or swimmers. It is completely safe for animals and humans.

2 stone air diffusers also include a check valve, which prevents the water from going back into the airline. On the other hand, an underlay prevents the diffuser from settling into the muck. The manufacturer has also included a 1-year warranty, but there is also a 5-year warranty on airlines and diffusers.

It is best suited for ponds up to ⅛ acre in size, and up to 30’ deep, which would be too much for PA10W. During the winter you can use the aerator as a de-icer! The aerator, with its ⅛ HP, is designed for continuous operation. It can operate even 24 hours a day and should serve you for at least 4 or 5 years. 

You won’t have to worry about the maintenance, as all that you’ll need to do is to replace the diaphragms every few years once they start malfunctioning. If you want to extend the lifespan of your equipment, then use soap water to clean the inlet air filter. If you need to replace any parts, then just check out our website!

You can find more about the installation process in our brochure. Click here to access a downloadable PDF version.

Max Depth Max Pond Size
5-12 feet     1/16 acre
12-30 feet 1/8 acre

If you order this kit, you’ll receive:

  • 1/8 HP Gast Diaphragm Compressor
  • 50 feet of weighted tubing.
  • Two stone air diffusers with check valve and underlay
  • Fittings and clamps
  • Free shipping

The compressor can be easily damaged by the weather, which is why you should place it inside the cabinet. To learn more about this subject, check out the “Cabinets” section on our website.