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Airpro Diaphragm Compressor Pond Aerator - 1/20 Acre Pond

Item #: PA10W
OUR PRICE: $437.50

Secret To Pond Excellence

Our AirPro Diaphragm Compressor Pomp, highly recommended for hatchery ponds and small fish ponds, is made of durable material and will last you for long years! It is equipped with a 1/20 HP compressor and can run 24 hours a day, 12 months a year. It is most suitable for ponds up to 1/16 acre, and a maximum depth of 30’.

    Max Depth Max Pond Size
    5-12 feet     1/20 acre
    12-30 feet 1/16 acre

    The motor draws 1.5 amps and can pump up to 0.7 CFM of oxygen into the water, ensuring proper circulation of air and water. 50 feet of ⅜’’ weighted tubing is included, and it is easy to install, as it will sink by itself to the bottom of the pond. This way, the tubing will be safe from swimmers and fishing lines. There is no electricity in the water, which means that animals and children are safe. The air diffusers come with a check valve to avoid water from going back into the airline. There is also an underlay included to not let the diffuser settle into the mud.

    A PA10W Kit Includes the following items:

    • 1/20 HP Gast Diaphragm Compressor
    • 3/8'' weighted tubing - 50 ft.
    • Two stone air diffusers with check valve and underlay
    • Fittings and clamps
    • Free shipping!

    Why should you choose this Aerator Pump?

    • Gets rid of foul odors
    • Stops algae growth
    • Enhances the underwater ecosystem
    • Improves water circulation
    • Safe for animals and people - no electricity in the water
    • Can aerate ponds up to 1/20 acre
    • 5-year warranty on the diffusers and airlines


    Only the diaphragms need to be replaced every few years. If you want to save money, you can order repair kits from our website. You should replace a diaphragm if there is a sudden drop in air bubbles produced. Remember to clean the inlet air filter with soap water regularly, and you’ll extend its lifespan. If it gets damaged, then you can order a replacement from our website.


    If you want to ensure that the compressor is not damaged by the weather, you should protect it i.e. by putting it inside a waterproof cabinet. You can check those under “Cabinets”. Do not place the compressor on the ground, but rather make sure that it is elevated above the ground, or you will risk dirt and dust damaging the engine. And don’t forget about ventilation! A cooling fan will take care of that.

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    Don R.
    United States United States
    Turn on the bubble machine!

    Very good experience. The motor does get warm (hot to the touch which is not a problem for this motor so don't be concerned). It needs a space at least the size of a large dog house with good-sized vents or a small fan to draw in air. Ours is in a shaded wood pump enclosure about 14 cubic feet with two 12"x16"louvered vents on opposite sides. Inside temp never gets warmer than 100 degrees F on days that get to 96F and the unit runs continuously. It has improved the water quality of our 50'x80' pond noticeably. NOTE: Read the instructions first. I didn't, I over-tightened the diffusers. and broke one. A generous application of JB Plastic Weld (taking care to provide a rough surface with small shallow grooves cut to ensure bond plus a greased tube temporarily inserted to ensure that the glue didn't get into the interior) fixed it. Works like a charm ! If you want this unit to operate intermittently you could get a short period repeat cycle timer for $30 to $50 but I am happy with running it continuously.

    Brian T.
    Great bang for your buck.

    Approximately 1/15th of an acre pond, twelve to five feet deep. Our old diaphragm pump died last year and was probably an energy hog. And it was huge and noisy. We now have our new pump in a small polymer box with vent louvers, screens for bugs, and protected from most downpours. We cannot believe the microscopic bubbles that come up many feet away from the aerator placed about mid way and mid depth in our elongated pond. We are hoping that after this weird wet spring settles down, the oxygen will reduce the unwanted **** growth in our pond. We will remove the pump and plug the air line over winter, so we are confident this purchase will last us a long time.