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AirPro 3/4 HP Rotary Vane Pond Aerator Kit

AirPro 3/4 HP Rotary Vane Pond Aerator Kit


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Product Description

Secret To Pond Excellence

This is the aerator perfect for large ponds and small lakes and fisheries - if you’re having problems with fish mortality due to low oxygen levels, or with troublesome gas odors and algae blooms in your waterscape garden, this is the perfect aerator kit for you. It’s ideal for high-volume ponds with the depth of 18’ or less and can aerate up to 6 acres at 12 to 18 feet of depth. It also comes with a 1-year warranty.

Aerator sizing:

  • 3 acres - 5 to 8 feet maximum depth
  • 4.5 acres - 8 to 12 feet maximum depth
  • 6 acres - 12 to 18 feet maximum depth

This is a completely safe system that keeps any electricity out of the water. The tubing in this kit sinks to the bottom of your pond or lake, creating a safe environment for fishing, swimming or any water sports.

Kit Includes:

  • 3/4 Gast Rotary Vane Compressor 65db

  • Valved outlets (to control air flow between diffusers)

  • 1/2'' weighted tubing  - 600 ft.

  • 4 - dual head air diffusers with check valves

  • Underlay

  • Fittings and clamps


The Airpro 3/4 HP Rotary Vane Pond Aerator Kit requires additional installation. The compressor needs to be mounted in a safe location, off the ground protected from the elements. You can look at our cabinets or deluxe kits for the ideal type of shelter for this aerator compressors. The Ideal shelter should:

  • Be off the ground 

  • Be protected from dust and dirt 

  • Provide proper ventilation to the unit to prevent overheating 

  • Should be waterproof

    Max Depth Max Pond Size
    5-8 feet 3 acres
    8-12 feet 4.5 acre
    12-18 feet 6 acres