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AirPro Rocking Piston Pond Aerator Kit - up to 3 acres

Item #: PA66W
OUR PRICE: $1,395.00

AirPro Rocking Piston Pond Aerator Kit

This powerful rocking piston kit will aerate up to 3 acres at a depth of up to 50’. It’s the perfect solution for keeping your pond, small lake, or fishery oxygen-rich and habitable. It’s one of the best choices when it comes to keeping your pond alive and well, free from smelly anaerobic algae blooms.

Algae blooms can be toxic, foul-smelling and have a devastating effect on a small water habitat, such as a small lake or a pond, making it a virtual dead zone. Proper aeration will help to keep your pond healthy and muck free, and greatly reduces the number of mosquitos and other water-breeding insects. It will get your pond habitat to exactly where you want it - with happy fish and less troublesome bugs, algae, and the resulting bio build-up.

The AirPro Rocking Piston Pond Aerator Kit comes with a 2-year warranty. It’s safe to install, with no need to put any electrical parts in the water and GFI protection on every circuit. There is absolutely no need to submerge any electrical parts, keeping you and wildlife completely safe.

What you get:

  • Three dual head air diffusers
  • 300” tubing
  • 3 valve outlet assembly 
  • Proper clamps and fittings

Max Depth Max Pond Size
5-8 feet 3/4 acre
8-12 feet 1.5 acres
12-18 feet 3 acres
18-20 feet 3.5 acres
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Brian E.
United States United States
Air pro rocking piston

Good, was fairly easy to install and seems to be working great Thank you , I’ll definitely recommend it to others. Brian. E

Scott P.
United States United States
Airpro Rocking Piston Pond Aerator Kit

Spoke with sales rep. before purchasing this unit. Great conversation and very helpful. The unit arrived within a week . Very easy to install. The only problem that I had were minor. I had purchased several several extra 100 foot sections. There was supposed to be fittings for the extensions, There should have been 3/8 to 3/8 hose barbs but there were not. I was able use the 1/2 to 3/8 fittings supplied buy cutting the 1/2 hose into pieces to make splices so I did not have to go to the hardware store. Overall, I already have recommended the system to a friend so that tells you what I think of the system.

Robin W.
United States United States
3 acres kit

So far so good easy hook up and operation

Roger D.
United States United States
User Friendly Kit and Great Customer Service

This was my first aerator project and seemed overwhelming at first. After talking to EJ he explained everything I needed to know. My kit arrived in about a week and I installed everything myself. Hardest part was digging the trench for the air line. If you need to locate the pump away from the pond you will need the remote access valve as I did. Call EJ and he will walk you through the process. Their customer service is outstanding!

Steve a.
We can see our fish again !!!

We purchased this aerator system to replace an older windmill style pump. What a huge improvement this system is. Within 10 days our murky water cleared and we can now see down to the bottom of the pond . The algae that had built up the last couple years is breaking up and dropping to the bottom. We now sit in lawn chairs in the evening and watch our fish swim by in groups. What a riot. If your pond is cloudy and has algae blooms you have to get this system . The fish will thrive in the clear water and once you can watch them again you will be hooked. This has been the best improvement we have ever made to our property. You won’t be sorry.