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AirPro Rocking Piston Pond Aerator Kit - up to 3 acres

AirPro Rocking Piston Pond Aerator Kit - up to 3 acres


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Product Description

Sizing Chart: Aerates Ponds up to 3 Acres
Max Depth Recommended Pond Size
5-8 feet  1 Acre
8-12 feet 1.5 Acres
12-50 feet 3 Acres

This powerful rocking piston kit will aerate up to 3 acres at a depth of up to 50’. It’s the perfect solution for keeping your pond, small lake, or fishery oxygen-rich and habitable. It’s one of the best choices when it comes to keeping your pond alive and well, free from smelly anaerobic algae blooms.

Algae blooms can be toxic, foul-smelling and have a devastating effect on a small water habitat, such as a small lake or a pond, making it a virtual dead zone. Proper aeration will help to keep your pond healthy and muck free, and greatly reduces the number of mosquitos and other water-breeding insects. It will get your pond habitat to exactly where you want it - with happy fish and less troublesome bugs, algae, and the resulting bio build-up.

The AirPro Rocking Piston Pond Aerator Kit comes with a 2-year warranty. It’s safe to install, with no need to put any electrical parts in the water and GFI protection on every circuit. There is absolutely no need to submerge any electrical parts, keeping you and wildlife completely safe.

Kit Includes:

  • 1/2 HP Stratus Rocking Piston Compressor (Made in the USA) 70db
  • 300' - 3/8'' weighted tubing
  • (3) Dual Head Air diffusers with check valve and diffuser base
  • 3 Way Valved Outlet
  • Can aerate up to 50' deep
  • 5.1 CFM
  • 3.6 amps @115v
  • 1.8 amps @230v
  • Fittings and clamps
  • In the winter can be used as a de-icer
  • 2-year-warranty!