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AirPro 3/4 HP Rocking Piston Pond Aerator Kit - up to 4 Acre Ponds

AirPro 3/4 HP Rocking Piston Pond Aerator Kit - up to 4 Acre Ponds


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Product Description

This system is capable of pushing air down to a depth of 50’. High pressure or long airline runs are not a problem for this aerator. It is powered by a ¾ HP piston compressor and it includes all elements that are required to aerate up to 4 acres. The compressor is available in 115v or 230v, amp draw is 4.5 at 115v, and CFM air output is 6.5.

The pond aerators that are manufactured by Living Water Aeration are efficient and safe, which makes them perfect when it comes to aeration and circulation of large bodies of water. They will increase the oxygen levels in the pond, create a healthy ecosystem for fish, and prevent algae blooms. There is no electricity in the water, which means that it is safe for fish, pets, or children.

Every unit comes with a deluxe locking cabinet complete with the air compressor and a cooling fan already installed. You will also get an electrical box/outlet that is already mounted and ready for the incoming power line. Every compressor has a valved outlet assembly, a pressure relief valve and a pressure gauge installed. All that you need to do is to set the cabinet in the location, install the air diffusers, and connect the tubing!

Kit includes:

    • lockable steel cabinet with a cooling fan 
    • 3/4 HP Stratus Piston Compressor
    • 4 dual head air diffusers
    • 600' weighted tubing
    • Operates up to 50' depth
    • Valved outlet
    • Fittings and clamps

More Features:

    • Can be used as a de-icer in the colder months
    • 6.5 CFM
    • 4.5 amps @115v
    • 2.3 amps @230v
    • 2-Year warranty on compressor
    • 5-year warranty on tubing, diffusers, and a cabinet

Max Depth Max Pond Size
5-8 feet      1  acre
8-12 feet   2  acres
12-25 feet 4 acres


600 feet of 3/8" weighted tubing, which is extremely easy to install, is included. The tubing will sink by itself to the bottom of the pond. You won’t see it, the fishing lines or swimmers won’t damage it. As there is no electricity in the water, it is safe for fish or people. 


When it comes to maintenance, you will need to replace piston cups, which usually last from 3 to 5 years. You can also find repair kits on our website ((click here for more information), which will serve you a lot of money. If you notice that there is a sudden drop in air bubbles, it might be a sign that a replacement is needed.

The inlet air filter on the compressor should be frequently cleaned. It is enough if you use soapy water. If you want to replace the old filters, you can order them from our website.

Pond Aerator Installation:

You can find installation instructions in our brochure. Click here to access a downloadable PDF version.

If you are worried that the installation process might be too difficult, we have prepared an illustrated guide. Click here for access to the illustrated guide.

Feel free to contact us if you are unsure of what kit to purchase and we will be happy to assist you: 1.888.775.2402

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