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3/4'' I.D. 500ft roll Polyethylene Non-Weighted Pond Aeration Tubing (Can be buried or left exposed)

Item #: PT3553
OUR PRICE: $298.00

Poly tubing (it can be buried or left exposed) is a better choice if you have long runs of the airline over land, or if you want to spend as little as possible. What’s more, the installation process doesn’t require as much time, as would be the case with rigid pipes. What’s more, it is available in a variety of roll lengths, which means that few fittings are required. The durable kink resistant tubing is perfect for both air and water distribution. Depending on your preference, it can be buried or left exposed. You can order the tubing with various roll lengths, which will allow you to minimize the number of needed fittings. The tubing can withstand the maximum pressure of 40-60 PSI. This tubing can help you ensure that there is enough dissolved oxygen in the pond or a lake.