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20' Outdoor Water Solutions Windmill Pond Aerator Kit

20' Outdoor Water Solutions Windmill Pond Aerator Kit

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Product Description

If you have problems connecting a pond aerator to electricity, this is the perfect solution for you. A lot of people have ponds, small lakes or private fisheries that are removed from civilization, or just far enough away that getting the electricity necessary to properly aerate their water is difficult.

This windmill aerator kit will help keep you off the grid, your pond well aerated (even in winter) and add a great landscaping feature to your property. It’s designed for tough conditions and constant operation - it’s a powerful piece of equipment.

The 20’ Windmill Pond Aerator can pump up to 3 CFM in winds as low as 15 MPH. In fact, it keeps on aerating your pond when the winds are as low as 3 MPH. It’s designed to be easy to assemble and the rounded metal edges are safe to handle. It can run as many as 3 diffusers.

What’s included:

    • 1 3 Leg 20' Windmill with the patent-pending "BalCam II" Technology with stainless steel elements
    • 1 roll of non-weighted 50' airline
    • 1 air stones 
    • 1 set of pivot points for easier maintenance
    • 1 hose connector packs

    You won’t find a kit with this much air and this many accessories for the same price! Highly recommended for 1, or 2-acre ponds.


    Windmill info

    Dig three holes for each leg 3 ft deep

    put 4ft rod that comes with the kit in the center and cement it

    12' windmill leg to leg 63 inches

    16' windmill leg to leg 82 inches

    20' windmill leg to leg 100 inches

    24' windmill leg to leg 119 inches

    Blades tip to tip 6.1 feet long

    18 gauge steel legs


    0.5 CFM  5MPH

    2 CFM  10MPH

    3 CFM  15MPH

    4.5 CFM  30MPH

    New video on how to install your windmill:


Additional gear:

You can upgrade to weighted tubing at an additional cost, and purchase additional diffusers.


Windmill Specifications:

Capacity Up to 4.5 CFM (cubic feet of air per min.)
Rating 30 PSI
Turbine Type Upwind
Rotor Diameter 73"
Swept Area 19.63 sq. ft.
Blade Design Proprietary
Transmission Direct drive
Stroke 0.5" Balanced Camshaft Design
Over speed Protection Automatic
Foundation 3 ground rods; 1" diameter pipe, 4' long