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Super High Volume Submersible Pumps

Super High Volume Submersible Pumps - Carry pumps are designed to work great for large scale recirculation system, water transfer that requires high volume, dewatering, and large waterfalls. These carry pumps heavy duty pumps are low head and high volume. Built out of corrosion resistant stainless steel and have a Axial flow lift that offers low vibration, and smooth low pressure operation.

Fountain Pumps - This carry pumps are single stage turbine pumps. They are ideal for large fountains, or even high head waterfalls. Built out of stainless steel to provide you of continuous use, the pumps motors are clog resistant by using a PVC screen.

Intake Screens and Horns - Heavy duty screens are designed to be used with pumps to prevent sticks, weed, fish and etc. from plugging pump. Made from SDR35 PVC and high density polyethylene top and bottom plates, screen portion is perforated with 1/2' holes.