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Collection: Pump Accessories

High volume centrifugal pump intake filters - For most high volume pumps these filters are a much better choice as they will  allow fine particles though so screens will not plug up as often yet will still keep out large objects such as weeds, stick and fish.

Pump Protectors - Protect against plugging by creating a large surface area around the pump, designed to fit all brands of small pumps has a polester filter media pad inside of a nylon mesh bag. Drawstring top with push button release the top closed around the pump yet makes for easy pump removal.

Pump Screens -  The Easypro submersible pump whether its a pond, lake, tank, or even a river. Features durable screen material to help protect your water feature pump from pond debris such as weeds, sticks, fish, etc.

Check Valve Assemblies with Unions - Each assembly includes a check valve which  keeps the plumbing line full of water even when the pump is off. These check valve assemblies are used inside pro-series skimmers to bring the flow of water from the pump up to the outlet hole in the back wall of the skimmer. In the ideal world all pumps would have their outlet at the same height but that is not the case so various height assemblies acre needed.

Centrifugal Pump Intake Filters - Use these filters on pump suction lines to prevent plugging and possible damage to your pump. filters keep fish, leaves, weeds algae and other debris from being sucked into pump.

Low water Pump Shut-offs  - Ideal for pumps used in skimmers easy to install, plus in connection eliminates electrical wiring. Prevent costly motor damage to submersible pumps from low water with these "tether style" float switches.

Shut Off Switches -  115 or 230 volt diaphragm switches are ideal for use in tight spaces where the "tether-style" switches would be too big. Maximum amp. load - 10 amps. 155v  has plug in style connection and 10' power cord, 230v has pigtail wiring 8' power cord.


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