Collection: Pond Aerators and Complete Aeration Systems

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Explore our diverse range of pond aeration systems and components at Living Water Aeration. We stock farm pond and lake aerators, both bottom diffused and surface aerators, tailored to meet your unique needs.

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Collection: Pond Aerators and Complete Aeration Systems

Are you usure what aerator best suits your pond or lake? Our pond experts are at your service and are waiting for your call. All we need is your pond's details and we'll customize an aeration system, regardless of size. We want to help you bring new life to your pond with our high quality and affordable aeration systems.

Benefits of Pond Aeration

  • Increased levels of dissolved oxygen in the water, which can support the growth and survival of aquatic plants and animals.
  • Circulation of the water, which can prevent the formation of stagnant areas and reduce the risk of harmful algae blooms.
  • Improved health and well-being of the plants and animals living in the pond.
  • A more hospitable environment for aquatic life, leading to a thriving pond ecosystem.
  • Reduced risk of fish kills and other aquatic life losses due to low oxygen levels.
  • Potentially improved water quality, clarity and enhanced beauty due to the circulation and oxygenation of the water.

Types of Pond Aerators

  • Surface aerators, which create bubbles or a spray of water at the surface of the pond to add oxygen to the water.
  • Submersible aerators,which are placed underwater and typically use a propeller or impeller to create water movement and add oxygen.
  • Fountain aerators, which combine the features of a surface aerator with the visual appeal of a fountain.
  • Diffused aeration systems, which use air pumps and tubing to release small bubbles of air into the water, providing oxygen and circulation.
  • Windmill aerators, which use the power of the wind to turn a propeller or other mechanism to add oxygen and circulate the water in a pond.

Pond Aerator Accessories

  • A cover or enclosure for the aerator, which can protect the electric motor from debris and other environmental factors. The options we have available are cabinets or rock enclosures to blend in with your landscape. (Our deluxe systems come with cabinets as part of the kit) 
  • Replacement parts, such as repair kits for the air compressors may be needed over time due to wear and tear. Kits are usually needed after 4 to 5 years of use. 
  • We recommend operating your diffused aerator 24/7 but some customers opt to run less. If that is the case, we recommend a timer or controller, which can be used to regulate the operation of the aerator.
  • All of our diffused pond aerator kits come with weighted airline. Depending on how long your runs are from the compressor to the diffuser in your pond, you may need to order additional airline. 
  • Our fountain aerators come with varying cord lengths. Be sure to order the appropriate length of power cord because you can not add additional cord. To assure that you are ordering the right cord length, you will need to measure the distance between where your power source is located and where the fountain will be placed in your pond.

Overall, the specific accessories that you may need will depend on the type of pond aerator you choose and the unique characteristics of your pond. It is a good idea to carefully research the available options and consult with one of our pond aeration experts to determine the best items for your situation.

Installation and Maintenance of Pond Aerators

The process of installing a pond aerator often includes placing it in the pond and linking it to a power source, such as an outlet or solar panel. Usually, surface aerators and fountain aerators are installed near the edge of the pond, whereas submersible aerators and diffused aeration systems are positioned in the water. Windmill aerators are typically attached to a pole or other structure that is above the pond.

Generally, maintaining a pond aerator requires regular cleaning and checking to make sure that it is functioning correctly. Surface aerators and fountain aerators need to be cleared of debris, such as leaves and twigs, to avoid clogging and maintain their effectiveness. It is important to oftentimes inspect submersible and diffused aerators for any signs of leakage or other problems, and to ensure the air pumps are maintained clean. Additionally, windmill aerators should be looked at for any loose or worn components, while the propeller should be clear of any blockage. In general, consistent upkeep can prevent malfunctions in a pond aerator and keep the pond's health in good condition.

What is a pond aerator and how does it work?

A pond aerator is a device that helps to keep ponds healthy by adding oxygen to the water. This can be done in different ways, such as bubbling or creating a current with a waterfall. The aerator can help fish and other aquatic creatures live in the pond.

How does a pond aerator improve water quality?

A pond aerator can improve water quality by adding oxygen to the water. This supports the growth of helpful bacteria and other microorganisms that break down organic matter and make the water clearer. Aerating the water also helps to prevent stagnation, distribute nutrients, and reduce the growth of harmful microorganisms.

Which type of pond aerator is best for my pond?

It depends on the pond size, shape and depth. Shallow ponds are considered ponds that are 5 feet or less in depth and deep ponds are anything deeper than 5 feet. Surface aerators or fountain aerators work well for shallow ponds. Diffused aerators work best for ponds below 5 feet. Diffused ponds typically are not recommended for ponds less than 5 feet, with some exceptions for ponds with smaller surface area. Surface aerators and pond fountains can only aerate about 5 feet, so they are not recommended for deep ponds. We have size recommendations for all of our aerators and we have sizing charts for our diffused aerators to help guide you while searching for an aerator for your pond. You can also call one of our pond experts if you have any questions about finding the perfect size aerator or to assist with your purchase. 

If you are in need of a basic understanding of pond aeration, we created the video below just for you. In this short video, you will learn about aerator pumps, get a basic understanding of aeration and learn the difference between different types of aeration including diffused or sub-surface aeration and surface aeration.   

We offer several different types of aerators for ponds. Here is a brief explanation of each style of aerator pump, which will hopefully help you to select just the right unit for your pond or lake: 

diffused pond aeration system

Diffused Aeration Systems

The most popular type of aeration and the most effective for ponds that or 6' or deeper, runs on electricity and aerates from the bottom of your pond up. These systems are efficient at aerating small ponds and also make the most cost-efficient and most effective large pond aerator as well. 

lake aerators

Deluxe Aeration Systems

Deluxe pond aerator is the same as the diffused aeration system, however, this also includes a locking customized cabinet and a cooling fan. The air compressor is already installed in the system and it already has a valve outlet assembly, a pressure relief valve and a gauge installed. Since the electrical outlet is mounted ready for the incoming power line, it is easy to set up, simply set near your power source, set up the pond air diffuser and then connect all the tubing and you're ready to go.
koi pond aerators

Garden Pond Aerators 

This what we could small pond aerators or ornamental aerators. For very small ponds, such as ornamental, hobbyist or small koi fish ponds.
windmill aerators

Windmill Aeration Kits

Also a diffused type of pond aeration, however, they require no electricity and run completely on wind power. An excellent choice for remote pond locations that have no access to a power source. Also, these units will practically pay for themselves by saving your money on your monthly electric bill.
shallow pond aerator

Shallow Pond Aerator 

Shallow aeration kits are useful for shallow ponds that are less than 7' deep. These types of aerator pumps are more energy-efficient than aerators for deeper or bigger ponds or water features, with incredibly quiet operation. The aerators will provide you with years of efficient service with a long-lasting, oil-free design. All the parts are weather-resistant so can be used outdoors, and the kit comes with everything you will need to set up your shallow aerator, including 50' weighted tubing. Deeper ponds, of more than 7' deep would need one of our airpro diffused pond aeration systems to service the entire pond.
pond aerator solar

Solar Powered Aerators 

These diffused aeration systems run on 100% solar power. These solar-powered systems are amazing, they can actually run for 3 days with no sunlight. Don't be fooled by lower-priced cheap solar aerators, these systems are the "real deal".
surface pond aerator

High Oxygen Surface Aerators 

This aeration kit is the best way to aerate shallow ponds that are 5' deep or less. This type of aerator pump moves an enormous amount of water quickly, adding an abundance of oxygen to your pond and increasing the oxygen levels. These units are always the best choice in shallow ponds.
kasco pond aeration

Kasco Aeration 

Kasco is a name that has been well known in the industry for decades. We are happy to offer their complete line of aeration products. They put out quality products for both surface and diffused aeration.

Keep your pond or lake healthy and clean with an aeration kit from Living Water Aeration. We have a variety of styles to choose from including garden varieties, windmill aeration kits, solar-powered aeration systems, diffused aeration, high-oxygen surface aerators, and quiet-line styles.
The exact size and style you need will depend on your particular setup, but there are some aquatic, eco-friendly options that work well for most water features including a windmill aerator, as well as solar aerators. Windmill pond and lake aerators use the wind to operate while solar styles use the energy of the sun to generate power. Both of these options save valuable energy while relying on nature's resources to get the job done.

When it comes to pond aeration kits, windmill and solar types are popular choices, but a simple garden pond aerator and quiet-line style works best for small water features such as Koi ponds.
Not sure what style you need? We can help! Give us a call and let us help you find the aeration system that is best for you. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service and are happy to share our knowledge about pond products!
Aeration isn't just our business, it's our passion. There is nothing more beautiful than a peaceful pond or crystal clear lake with a fountain adorning its waters. If your water feature hasn't been looking its best, shop our great selection of aerator pumps and products, and take the time to beautify your pond.
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