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A Koi Pond Can Add Life to Landscaping

A Koi Pond Can Add Life to Landscaping


If you have a large area of land that you would like to add some life to consider adding a pond. To enhance the aesthetics of your pond you may also want to consider creating a habitat for fish such as Koi for their multi-color beauty. They can also create an air of tranquility in an otherwise somewhat boring area and provide hours of enjoyment. However, Koi are like any living pet and will take some special care to keep them healthy. The design of your pond is limited only by your imagination. The size will depend on the amount of your land you are willing to donate to your project and how many fish you will want in your pond. As a rule of thumb you will want at least 100 gallons of water for each Koi fish you plan to have in your pond. Although that may not give them the room they need to exercise so the bigger your pond the better. Depth is also an important consideration for a Koi Ponds and it should be a minimum of about three feet. Six-foot depths will also help breed healthier fish and provide them with a hiding place if they feel threatened. You can have a shallow area of your pond for feeding your fish which will provide a lot of excitement especially for young children who will enjoy watching them near the surface. Deeper water will not only give them a hiding place it can protect your fish from sunburn during hot weather. A pond that is too shallow will also experience rapid temperature changes that can cause stress to your fish. Two things you will need to keep an eye on with a Koi pond is the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water as well as the ammonia level. Ammonia is hazardous to the fish and they will need at least 6 mg of dissolved oxygen per liter of water to maintain their health. Cold water will contain more oxygen than warm water but during hot weather water aeration may be needed to maintain an ideal level. Plants will be an important addition to a Koi pond and they will have a positive effect on the eco system of your pond. If you are not familiar with water plants you should check with an expert on Koi fish to determine which ones offer the most health benefit. In order to maintain your pond you will need a water pump to keep the water moving and a filter to remove debris from the water. You might think of a Koi pond as a really big aquarium that is outdoors if it helps you understand the care that is needed to house Koi fish. Once you complete your pond and all of the equipment, plants and water are in place you will want to wait a few days before adding any fish. The water needs time to adjust to its environment and pH levels will need to adjust to near neutral of 7. Adding fish too soon cold not only be harmful to your fish but it may jeopardize the formation of your pond’s eco system.


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