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Pond Boost Beneficial Bacteria

Item #: PB10XLW
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The natural, biological way to clean large ponds!

Our special blend of bacteria is designed to:
  •     Reduce sludge buildup
  •     Improve water clarity
  •     Eliminate excess nutrients
  •     Eliminate pond odors
  •     Reduce oxygen demand
Pond Boost is a proprietary blend of specialized bacteria, formulated specifically for the task of lake and pond maintenance. Pond Boost contains specialized bacterial strains as well as other necessary ingredients needed to support these bacterial strains in a lake or pond setting. Our unique blend of bacteria accomplishes a number of very specific tasks. Certain bacterial strains specialize in the removal of excess ammonia, nitrates and phosphorus from the water. These excess nutrients, if not removed, can stimulate nuisance aquatic growth. Other strains focus on clarifying the murky water caused by animal and plant wastes, while simultaneously reducing or eliminating the odors stemming from those wastes. Other strains target the reduction of sludge on the bottom of lakes and ponds.


Initial Dose 4 to 6 lbs per surface acre
Maintenance Dose 4 to 6 lbs per surface acre every 2 weeks
Bottle Treats 1/4 acre up to 5 months

Ponds treated with Pond Boost are treated every two weeks. Ponds that are really dirty can be treated more often, or at a higher dose to speed up the cleaning process without any threat to fish or other aquatic life.

Formulated for use in larger ponds.

50 eight ounce water soluble packets.

Why would I even need beneficial bacteria?

Although you might think that inside your pond there are only a couple of fish and perhaps a few snails as well, the underwater ecosystem is full of life - it's just that you don't see it! We often think of bacteria as of something bad, that should be avoided, or it might just kill you. That's completely not true! Even when it comes to our bodies, there are also good bacteria. Although the researchers argue about the exact number, according to some studies, the number of bacterial cells living in the human body is estimated to be around 100 trillion. The situation in the pond is not unlike in your body. There are countless bacteria living in the water, and there's nothing bad in it - quite the opposite! If it wasn't for them, with time the pond in your garden would lose its aesthetic value, as it would be filled with organic matter - bird and fish poop, leaves, and other nutrients. This would be great news to all the organisms living underwater, as they wouldn't have to worry about not having enough to eat, though it would be less than ideal for you. Why? The nutrients would pile up on the bottom of the pond, making it possible for the fish to feast without end. Unfortunately, the water quality would get worse, and muck would quickly form. You would also feel the effects pretty quickly. If you want to avoid having to deal with those problems, you need beneficial bacteria in your pond. Okay, but are bacteria present in the pond, or do you need to do something? The pond is virtually filled with all sorts of bacteria. All right, so then why would you need to bring additional bacteria to decompose all the bird and fish poop? If you've had problems with algae, you might have used algaecide in your pond. Is that bad? Well, it depends for whom. For algae, definitely, though bacteria will be killed in the process as well. As a consequence, you might notice that the organic matter is not decomposing as quickly as it used to happen in the past. In this situation, it is recommended to try additional ways to boost the population of beneficial bacteria. Sure, if the bacteria in the pond are no longer subjected to algaecide, the remaining ones will eventually start multiplying, but it could take some time. If you would like to improve the water quality much more quickly, you could order this bacteria pond boost. If you have a UV filter system installed in your pond, you might face similar problems. Sure, it will ensure that the water is clean, but in the process good bacteria will likewise be killed. It's not to say that UV filters are bad - it's just that in some cases you might need to add some species of beneficial bacteria to the water. Additionally, if you don't like looking at the slime, which is why you are adamant about cleaning the pond once in a while, you might also be getting rid of the beneficial bacteria. As a result, after some time, at the bottom of the pond might gather even more unsightly matter. If it happens so, helpful bacteria will help you deal with the problem. At the same time, anaerobic bacteria have a positive effect on other organisms that live underwater by increasing the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water. Fish and other aquatic animals need food to live, but they also need oxygen. Not a significant amount. In fact, most fish will start having problems when the level of oxygen in the water falls below 3 ppm (particles per million). In the atmosphere there is around 20% of oxygen, meaning that we need about 200,000 ppm of oxygen to function without any issues. Still, despite this colossal difference, deficiency of oxygen in the water can lead to sickness or even death of fish. Anaerobic bacteria and phytoplankton can increase the amount of oxygen in the water, thus creating better living conditions for fish. Alternatively, if adding oxygen to the water is your main goal, instead of purchasing a blend of bacteria, you could install air pumps and other devices in your pond. On our website you will find all kinds of aerators and air pumps that will ensure that the water in your pond is properly aerated. Apart from helping animals living underwater to thrive in a healthy ecosystem, you will also enhance the aesthetic value of the pond, as water quality will improve. That's not all - you also won't have problems with mosquitoes flying next to your head when you would like to relax in your garden. That's because mosquitoes tend to lay eggs in ponds and lakes with low levels of water. Well-aerated water equals more fish and snails, and it so happens that both fish and snails eat mosquito larvae.


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Janie S.
United States United States
Great product

Really works great

Nancy M.
United States United States
Pond Boost

It is easy to use because of the packets. So far, my koi pond does not seem to be clearing of algea at all yet. I have used it as per the instructions.

anyhony l.
United States United States
Works great

started working very quick seeing result already Thank You Tony!

United States United States


Steve U.
United States United States
Pond restoration project

Worked as described... easy application and noticeable results in a week... our pond has a lot of nutrient load from nitrates in the water to an old cattle operation.. gonna require ongoing treatments but this was a needed addition to mechanically removing nutrients... and all my fish are fine... great product!