Pond Aerator Installation Instructions

Step 1 - Unpack your aeration system and if you see that any parts are pieces are missing please notify us.

unboxing pond aerator

Step 2 - After unpacking you willl want to start by assembling the diffuser. Find this barbed check valve and determine if your aerator has 3/8'' or 1/2'' tubing. If you have 3/8'' tubing then you can leave the barb as it is. If you have 1/2'' tubing you can remove the tip of the barb fitting at the line illustrated in this image.

Step 3 - Find one of the included hose clamps and slip it over the barbed check valve fitting pictured above. Then push the tubing tightly on to the barbed fitting and tighten the hose clamp.


Step 4 - Utilizing washers on both sides of the base insert provided bolt and tighten the nut, this clamp will provide strain relief for the tubing.

mount airline on diffuser base

Step 5 - The base of your diffuser is self weighted, unlike the older styles of diffuser bases on the market you do not have to fill up with sand or gravel, it is heavy enough to sink down to the bottom on its own. There is a female threaded hole on the top of the base identify the side where that is located.

self weighted diffuser base

Step 6 - You will screw the diffuser head into the base, hand tight. Do not use tools or over tighten as this could break the fitting.

diffuser head screws into diffuser base

Step 7 - Now that your diffuser is assembled and ready, you can now get the tubing or airline and unroll the entire roll.


Step 8 - Loop a rope through the pre fabricated holes on the base as shown. You want to loop it so that both sides of the rope are in your hands and when the diffuser hits the bottom of the pond you will be able to let go of one end and pull the entire rope up. 

Note: If you ever think you would want to move the diffuser in the future then it is recommended to leave the rope attached and tie it to something like a milk jug, duck decoy, really anything that floats, so that at a later time you can locate the rope and pull up the diffuser. Pulling up the diffuser from the airline can result in breakage of the fittings. 

Step 9 - Begin to lower the diffuser to the bottom of the pond, be sure to put most of the weight on the nylon rope and not on the tubing.

lower diffuser into pond

Step 10 - Once the diffuser is on the bottom of the pond you can release one end of the rope and pull on the other side until the rope is out of the water. If you have opted to tie it to a float as noted in step 8, obviously you would skip this step.

Step 11 - If your aeration system has more then one diffuser then you will install the valved outlet assembly. This valve system will allow you to control the airflow to each diffuser.

Step 12 - Once the valved outlet is installed you can now connect the other end of the airline to the compressor. The same applies if you have a system with just 1 diffuser.

Step 13 - If you have any tubing exposed over land then you may want to dig a trench and bury it to protect others from tripping over it or to protect from being cut by lawnmower blades.

Step 14 - We highly recommend our deluxe version aeration systems which include a fan cooled steel cabinet to protect your compressor from the elements. If the compressor gets wet it can ruin the motor. The alternative option is our standard pond aeration system, you would need to build your own enclosure our utilize a pump shed or covering you currently have near your pond.

pond aerator with cabinet

This is the basic instructions on how to properly install an aerator, as you can see there is nothing especially difficult. If you ever have any questions or need more information feel free to call and speak with one of our experts at 1-888-775-2402.