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Collection: Otterbine Aerating Pond Fountains


Otterbine aerating fountains & industrial aerators help give nature a boost by treating the causes of poor water quality. Otterbine has adopted disciplines from wastewater engineering and lake management experts to produce highly effective aeration systems and offer beautiful fountain-like spray patterns.

Otterbine Fractional Series Fountains - Otterbine fractional series fountains are the perfect water feature if you want more than one pattern for your pond or lake. Each fountain come with three patterns which are easy to change and it is also easy to set up, just plug it in and the fountain is ready to use. The motor is made from stainless steel for long-lasting durability and they are perfect for providing fantastic displays, while aerating the pond or water, keeping it clean and free from odor. You can also fit a low voltage light set to these fountains to make them into a night feature.

Otterbine Aerating Fountains - Otterbine aerating fountains provide all year aeration while offering a simple but elegant water pattern. Many of the fountains come with more than one spray option, with a choice of 1, 2, 3 or 5 HP. The fountains are energy efficient, with low amperage to save money on electrical consumption and provide oxygen to the water to prevent the build-up of algae and to reduce odors. The fountains can operate in only 75cm of water and the package comes complete with a cable, float, motor and control panel all designed to operate in less than ideal conditions, to provide years of reliable service.

Otterbine Fountain Light Kits - Otterbine foundation light kits provide a way to light up your fountain water displays to enjoy at night. The low voltage systems come in either 20 or 50 watt halogen bulbs. They are energy efficient as they run on 12-volt power, and the bulbs last for over 4000 hours before requiring changing. Installation is easy and simply requires mounting the transformer then attaching the lights to your float with provided brackets. The angle of the lights can be adjusted to complete the effect.

Otterbine Cable - Designed for use with different makes and models of electric fountains to provide both functional and visual appeal to large ponds. Many ponds require aeration and achieve that function through high-flying fountains while others will use rotating fountains capable of creating different effects.  The cables are available in lengths beginning at 50-feet and come in 25-foot increments. They are also available in # 8, #10 and #12 gauge wire. Realize the longer the cable the larger gauge will be required. They can operate pumps of one, three and five horsepower.



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