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Linear Piston Compressors

Easypro Linear Piston Compressors - Easypro linear piston compressors are an energy efficient and quiet solution for pond aeration, offering very quiet, but powerful operation. Many compressors use a diaphragm, while these incorporate a small piston to pump the air through the pipes into the aerator to provide optimum aeration. They operate on electromagnetic oscillation which maximizes efficiency and extends the life, offering years of quality service. The piston compressor is safe for use outdoors and provides the perfect choice for both summer and winter aeration.

Low Cost Linear Compressors - Many compressors can end up costing lots of money in electricity every month. Linear compressors operate at lower rpms than other compressors, meaning they run cooler and use less electricity while still providing quality aeration and efficiency throughout the year, needing only a few watts of power. The low cost linear compressors are perfect for ponds and even aquariums and they are run very quietly. Linear compressors don’t have many moving parts, which makes them very reliable, and also reduces the need for frequent maintenance. Don’t think just because the name is low cost that it means low quality, these compressors can hold their own with the most expensive brands on the market.