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What are the Benefits of Using Fiber Optic Pond Lighting in my Outdoor Landscaping?

What are the Benefits of Using Fiber Optic Pond Lighting in my Outdoor Landscaping?

If you are considering lighting up your landscape pond, you will find no better choice that Fiber Optic Pond lighting. Products such as our Entry Level Fiber Optics Kit and the Deluxe Fiber Optics Kit allow you to install lighting quickly and efficiently into your landscape. Our fiber optic kits use solid core fiber cable which means that the LED Underwater Lighting is more that 200% brighter and of better quality. These kits feature stainless steel enclosures, built in fans, multiple color wheels (on the deluxe kits), and a compact design that is easy to hide in landscaping. Fiber Optic Pond Lighting can provide your outdoor landscape with the added bonus of being aesthetically pleasing during any time of day as well as drawing attention to your landscape which providing essential outdoor lighting. One of the advantages of Fiber Optic Pond Lighting is that the bulb is placed in the shore mounted illuminator box, which shines through a color wheel and carried through the fiber optic cable into the water. This means that there is no power source in the water, as it is carried through the fiber optic cable, and, since the bulb is shore mounted, it is easier to change the bulb when necessary. Entry level kits are available in 4 and 6 bulb kits and the Deluxe kits are available in 4, 6, 8, 12, and 16 bulb kits. Though the initial investment in fiber optic lighting is more than traditional low voltage lighting, the long term advantages are evident and should be considering when determining what type of outdoor pond lighting will work best for your outdoor landscape.


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