Best Waterfall Ideas and Tips to Transform Your Backyard!

Best Waterfall Ideas and Tips to Transform Your Backyard!

The perfect waterfall can truly transform your basic backyard into a backyard masterpiece. These provide aeration to ponds while simultaneously creating the ideal background for backyard get togethers, meditating, or simply enjoying the warm weather. Make your waterfall the key feature in your backyard with these beautiful waterfall ideas. 

Use Your Current Pond

If you already have a pond in your backyard, it's the perfect place to put a waterfall. You can easily build a waterfall with a few rocks, driftwood, or bamboo. Then, pump the water through the waterfall materials of your choice. Get creative to create a fun, gorgeous waterfall or create an elegant waterfall. You can use bottles or even junk from your garage! The possibilities are endless! 

Potted Plants

Give your waterfall a natural look with plenty of potted plants. Opt for a variety of plants, and put them along the edge of your pond. Use the same landscaping rocks you used to create your waterfall as shelves for small plant life. Sit large plants along your waterfall pool to complete the look. 

Make Your Waterfall Part Of The Ideal Water Feature With Decor

Bring your pond and waterfall to life by adding accessories and decor to your water body. A decorative fountain is a great idea! Include evergreen pot plants to create a cozy garden space. Bee-friendly plants are a wonderful idea. Aquatic plants, such as water lilies, will look beautiful next to garden landscaping. When you add a few finishing touches to your landscaping, it will truly make your waterfall look more beautiful than ever. 

Curtain Waterfalls

Curtain waterfalls are often known as a plunging, larger waterfall. The water does not come in contact with the rocks that are behind them. This free-falling waterfall look is what most people think of when they imagine a waterfall. This is an exceptional idea for larger waterfalls, but can also work with small waterfalls. 

Rain Waterfalls

Rain waterfalls are waterfalls that appear similar to a slow trickle of rain. This effect can be used in both large and small waterfalls. Most landscaping companies can help you design the perfect rain waterfall to complete your backyard. 

Trio Of Waterfalls

Why have one waterfall when you can have three? A trio of waterfalls offers a contemporary design to a natural idea. To pull off this look, you need a larger pond with ample space for three separate waterfalls. Then, put three cascading waterfalls side by side. 

This is also a great idea if you would like to install a wooden spout waterfall. Simply place your wooden spouts so that they are side by side. Another creative way to make this work is to place them at an angle so that the water runs together. 

Solar Powered Waterfalls

Your waterfall will need a pump to control the flow rate. Some people also invest in a filter for their waterfall. Consider solar powered products instead of needing an electric power source. We have ample solar powered equipment available to help you create an amazing waterfall. 

Slow, Gentle Waterfall

Slow waterfalls that gently run across the rocks are a beautiful idea. These are some of the most popular backyard pond waterfall ideas! Simply create a small stream and use decorative rocks at a 45 degree angle. Then, make sure that your water has a slow flow. After that, sit back and relax while you enjoy the peaceful sound of water slowly trickling over large rocks. 

Waterfall Lighting Kits

Waterfall lighting kits are the ideal way to create an artistic waterfall. Opt for a large spotlight to highlight beautiful backyard waterfalls at night time. Choose colored LED lights in purple or blue to create an artsy waterfall. We have several waterfall lighting kits available to help you create an awesome waterfall!

Cascade Waterfalls

A cascade waterfall is a waterfall, or several small waterfalls, that "cascade" over rocks. Imagine a waterfall that is slowly trickling over rocks. A cascading waterfall is similar to this, but they are often taller and the water has a faster flow. 

When these waterfalls are larger, they are beautiful. Use a variety of decorative rocks and potted plants to create creative waterfall designs. Cascading waterfalls often have a more natural look to them than other waterfall ideas. 

Create A Natural Look With Driftwood

If you have large pieces of driftwood, cut holes in them and let the water run through the driftwood instead of over the top of rocks to create a DIY driftwood waterfall. You can also use driftwood as decorations to give your waterfall a natural appeal. 

Compact Waterfall Ideas

Compact waterfalls are perfect for mini backyard ponds! These creative compact ideas will instantly transform your backyard space. 

Wooden Spout Waterfall

A wooden spout waterfall is a great idea for a mini backyard pond! These waterfalls look exceptional with any size waterfall. They take up very little space and are low maintenance. For a small waterfall to coordinate perfectly with your mini pond, consider a wooden spout waterfall. 

Bamboo Waterfalls

Pick up some bamboo and basic hand tools to create a beautiful DIY waterfall. You can check out this website for complete instructions! These waterfalls are small and create a zen-like atmosphere that you're going to love!

Wine Bottle Waterfall

A wine bottle waterfall is a fun DIY project! You'll need to cut the bottoms off the wine bottles. Then, run the water through the wine bottles so that it flows through the wine bottles into a pool underneath. This fun waterfall idea is perfect for a garden waterfall or a small waterfall on your back patio. 

Waterfalls have the potential to truly transform your landscape. As you plan your future waterfall project, browse through our extensive collection of waterfall products. We have waterfall lighting kits, waterfall pumps, filters, and so much more!

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