Top Reasons You Should Have a Pond in Your Backyard

Top Reasons You Should Have a Pond in Your Backyard

You may believe the maintenance involved in having a pond outweighs any benefits the pond provides. While you will need to clean your pond on a regular basis, maintain an aeration system, and feed your fish, this is really no different than the care a gardener bestows on his plants. Reasons you should consider digging a pond in your backyard are varied and plentiful. These top reasons may inspire you to design your ideal pond setting today.
  • Ponds are great for recreation! There is just no getting around the fact that ponds are fun. You can swim or fish in your pond whenever you want. And outdoor parties are so much more enjoyable when you have a cool pond.
  • In addition to swimming, you have other types of water recreation you can enjoy if you have a larger pond. Of course, sometimes you just want to be lazy and float around on an inflatable raft or inner tube on a hot day.
  • You have a steady source of food. Larger ponds can be stocked with fish that can be caught, cooked, and consumed. A good sized fish pond can produce around 50 pounds of fish per acre.
  • Sport fishing has become a popular competitive activity. Use your pond to practice your angling and other fishing techniques.
  • Consider leasing your pond to other sport fishing fanatics if you are not particularly interested in the sport yourself.
  • You can turn your pond into a wildlife habitat. You decide what pond wildlife you want to encourage to live in and near your pond. For example, you can attract certain water fowl by maintaining weedy sections in shallow areas of your pond.
  • Depending on the size of your pond, you may be able to establish a decent second source of income. Commercial aquaculture typically takes some time to establish and requires you to learn about the laws that regulate the industry. Local fish markets can be a great resource for pond owners who want to sell fish.
  • Rural residents appreciate the fact that ponds are an excellent backup source of water in case of a fire. It can take fire departments longer to reach rural locations, and ponds can offer a sense of security to residents.
  • As long as it is safe, you can ice skate on your pond during the winter. This allows you to enjoy your pond year-round. Memories are made and family traditions established when the entire family takes part in these types of activities!
  • When you need peace and quiet, you can slip out to your pond. As a natural setting, ponds are tranquil and soothing sanctuaries when you need to think or simply recover from your day.

These are just a few of the reasons you should seriously consider having a pond in your backyard. Obviously there are many more. The point is that as long as you have the space and time to care for a pond, it can add substantial value to your life!

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