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Solaer Solar Powered Pond Aerator – A Practical Approach to Aerating Your Pond

Solaer Solar Powered Pond Aerator – A Practical Approach to Aerating Your Pond

Why choose a Solaer Solar Powered Pond Aerator over a basic electrical aerator? Pond aeration is a big part of keeping your pond, and any fish in it, healthy. This process happens naturally, but when the pond is manmade or stocked with fish, an aerator is needed to help the natural process. With aeration equipment getting your pond the oxygen it needs is easier than ever. On top of enjoying the ease of installation, maintenance, and savings, you can feel good that your slice of nature isn't hurting the rest of the environment. Often when one wants to put an aerator in their pond, they must first make sure that they have a few things in place. A power source close by your pond can be a difficult and expensive process. Often it requires running a power supply underground or having the foresight to build the pond near an already existing power supply. You would also require residual currant devices (RDSs), cable protection and waterproof junction. With a Solaer Solar Powered Pond Aerator you don't need any of these things. Solar powered aeration systems work much exactly like their electric counterparts. An air diffuser is hooked up to an air compressor via air hose to feed oxygen directly to the bottom of the pond where it is needed the most. They are for aquatic environments ranging in size from small ornamental ponds to lakes up to 5 acres. If you need something for a larger pond you can call Living Water Aeration at 1-888-775-2402 for a custom consultation. The life expectancy of a solar powered system is twice that of a grid-connected electric aerator – about 10 years. They are virtually maintenance free and cost nothing to run. So not only will you not have to replace the unit as often, when you do it will be much more easily done. As you aerate your pond, you will be paying yourself back in time and money saved. But what about the winter months? Wouldn't the lack of sunlight make the Solar Pond Aerator less effective? Aeration for your pond or lake is not as crucial as it is in the warm months, however we still recommend running your system year round. Our systems have been tested through the most frigid winter temperatures. Also once your solar battery inside of the cabinet is fully charged by the panel, it can operate up to 3 full days with no sunlight whatsoever. This is a great buy for any serious pond and/or environmental enthusiast. You can save time, money, and headaches with these incredible energy saving aerators.


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