Best Small Pond Ideas and Tips to Transform Your Backyard

Best Small Pond Ideas and Tips to Transform Your Backyard

Easily transform your backyard into your personal piece of heaven with a small pond. Whether you want a beautiful space for meditation or a swimming pond for the entire family to enjoy, there is a backyard pond idea that can help you create the space that you both want and need. Check out these beautiful pond ideas to discover the perfect options for your future pond project. 

In Ground Pond

In ground ponds provide the same appeal that a natural pond does. These are an exceptional idea for anyone regardless of whether they would like a fresh water mini pond or a Koi fish pond. 

However, there are a few downfalls to keep in mind when deciding if an in ground pond is right for your backyard. In ground ponds are easy to reach for nearby wildlife, which means that your aquatic life will be in danger of becoming food for other animals. 

These ponds require more money and labor to build as well. Digging your own pond can be more cost efficient, but it is a time consuming DIY project. Additional materials, such as pond liner, also add to the higher cost of an in ground pond. 

Homeowners that choose to use an in-ground pond for a natural swimming pond will need to follow safety guidelines as they would for an inground pool. This will include a fence surrounding the pond or a cover for the pond when it is not in use. 

Mini Pond

Mini ponds are a wonderful idea if you have limited space or funds. Small ponds are affordable and are so versatile that you can use them to transform any space. 

Invest in a small pond fountain or waterfall to create a relaxing meditation area. Pick up a pond kit to create a small bathtub pond to bring your balcony to life. Creating a small wooden or brick garden pond can transform a garden sitting area into a tranquil area that the entire family will enjoy. 

It's important to note that mini ponds are classified by their small size. Often, ponds that are placed on balconies or porches are also referred to as a mini pond. Other great ideas for a mini pond include a: 

- Mini garden pond

- Mini waterfall pond

- Miniature desktop ponds

- Miniature wildlife pond

- Mini, modern rectangular pond

Rectangular Pond

When designing your pond, you will be faced with plenty of decisions to make. One of them will be the shape of your pond. A rectangular pond is ideal for a contemporary pond with modern appeal. This is a common shape for indoor ponds in a building with a modern decor theme as well as for corner ponds outside. 

Circular Pond

Circular or oval ponds have a more natural appearance than rectangular ones, which makes them more popular for outdoor spaces. These look exceptional as the morning sun hits them. They instantly increase property value. There are not a lot of ways that you can go wrong with a pond in the shape of a circle. 

To create a swimming pond, opt for a circular pond that is also large enough for swimming. Surround it with natural plants and decorative rocks for a relaxing atmosphere and a swimming pool. 

Aquatic Plants 

When designing your pond, keep in mind the look that you want to achieve. Put plants along the edge of your beautiful pond in outdoor spaces to create a natural appearance. You can use potted plants to create a border along the edge of your pond or utilize aquatic plants that will live in your pond for a naturalistic appeal. Floating plants, such as water lilies, are always a great idea (and a must for frog ponds.)

Install A Waterfall

Waterfalls are the perfect idea to truly bring your pond to life. You can install a waterfall with any type of pond. Having a natural swimming pond with a waterfall creates an opportunity for family fun that everyone will appreciate. 

Use flat rocks to build a waterfall or hire a pond design company to craft your waterfall for you. After building your waterfall, install beautiful plants on both banks to enhance the natural appeal. 

Create A Pond In A Plant Pot

When most people think of ponds, they think of luxurious garden pond ideas. However, ponds take on many forms. Your pond can be as big, or as small, as you would like for it to be. Crafting your own pond in a plant pot is the perfect cheap DIY pond project. 

Pick up a large pot that is designed for plants. Make sure to cover any drainage holes. Then, create your own mini pond for your porch or balcony. Painting your pot will add extra appeal. Putting potted plants around your mini pond is another stylish idea. 

Tin Bath Pond

Instantly add a rustic appeal to your home or balcony with this charming pond idea. You don't need a pond liner or to cover drainage holes, which makes this an easier option for a homemade garden pond for your balcony. 

Simply pick up a tin bathtub. Then, fill it with water and aquatic plants. A pond filter can be helpful but is not necessary. Your space will be perfect for relaxing when you use this pond idea. This is a common idea for an indoor garden pond or porch pond.

Swimming Ponds

Swimming ponds are a great alternative to a swimming pool. To craft your personal swimming pond, you need to make a midsize inground pond that is approximately the same size as the pool you would like. You want to make sure that there is enough room in the pond for the family to both relax and have fun. 

Avoid including fish in a swimming pond. Aside from that tip, you can include or exclude several things in your swimming pond. Decorative rocks placed on the bottom of the pond will hide the appearance of a liner. Flat rocks can be stacked on top of each other to craft seats for people to sit on. Ponds can have plants, including floating aquatic plants. Waterfalls remain a popular water feature for swimming ponds. 

Luxurious Midsize Inground Pond

Ponds that have a natural appeal are wonderful garden pond ideas, but these are not the only pond ideas there are. Instead of a garden pond design, opt for a luxurious design. These design ideas create a classy aesthetic appeal and instantly increase your property value. 

Typically, luxurious ponds are rectangles or circles instead of abstract. They do not contain aquatic plants, or anything to give them a natural appeal. 

Instead, most ponds simply have crystal clear water. They may have a pond fountain in the middle of them. Install lighting at the bottom of the pond for a reflective glow that will last all night long and give your pond the modern appearance that you want. 

Wooden Garden Pond

Installing a wooden garden pond is an easy DIY project. Often, these are above ground. Picking up a pond liner kit will ensure that water does not seep through the wood, too. 

In addition to wood and a pond liner kit, your above ground garden pond will require the same things that other ponds do, such as aquatic plants or fish. 

Wooden garden ponds offer the same possibilities that other ponds do. Creating a rectangular shaped pond to be used as a swimming pond is a unique idea. Opting to use your pond as part of a garden pond design is another exceptional idea. Surround your pond with plants and flowers for a relaxing meditation area. 

Brick Garden Ponds

Brick garden ponds are built in a similar manner to a wooden garden pond. This can be a fun, but tedious DIY project. It involves laying the bricks and then using cement. A pond liner is required for the inside as well. 

Brick ponds are more weather resistant than wooden ponds, though. They are more expensive, but bricks require less maintenance than wood does. Hiring a professional for this pond idea is a wonderful idea. 

Abstract Pond Ideas

These pond ideas are often a backyard pond owner’s dream. Abstract shapes create a unique look that other ponds simply don't have. 

Having an abstract pond does not only apply to the shape. Creating an abstract landscape surrounding your pond instantly makes your pond look natural. Plant various plants in random places and use a variety of decorative rocks for an abstract appeal. 

Dye Pond Water Gorgeous Colors

Before exploring this option, it's important to understand that the dye in the water can have a negative impact on living things. While a beautiful koi pond would look stunning with purple water, this is not going to turn out well for the fish. It's important to research pond dyes before using them to determine if they will have an impact on aquatic life. 

However, these are instantly a great idea for modern ponds that do not have plant or animal life. Pick up black pond dye for a truly unique look. Blue pond dye to create aqua blue pond water is a brilliant pond idea. You can dye pond water almost any color that you can imagine. 

Always Remember Your Budget

When deciding on garden pond ideas that are right for you, it's important to keep cost in mind. If you're a fan of backyard ponds, you'll come across quite a few garden pond projects that are very tempting. 

Larger ponds are often more expensive. They require more pond liner, a larger fountain pump and you will need more flat rocks to create a stunning design. 

Because of this, it's important to decide on a budget before deciding on your pond. Keep in mind installation costs, the costs of additional features, such as a pond fountain, and how much maintenance will cost. 

Most people forget about the additional cost of maintaining a pond. You'll need to purchase chemicals or a pump to keep your pond water clean. Fish ponds require fish food. Unless you opt for a solar pond pump, it will require electricity. 

Taking all of these things into consideration as you browse through pond ideas will help you determine which equipment you need, such as a solar pond pump, as well as how much your pond will cost you in the long run. 

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