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Questions about Choosing the Right Water Garden Filter System

Questions about Choosing the Right Water Garden Filter System

Q: How do I choose the right water garden filter system for my garden pond? A: Water gardening has become increasingly popular. While garden ponds can be quite beautiful, proper maintenance is required to keep them that way. Many people purchase pond kits that include everything you need to create and maintain a garden pond, including a filter. But if you have designed your garden pond yourself, you will need to purchase an independent filter system. Although there are numerous types and models of pond filters available, there are really only a few categories of pond filters from which to choose: biological, mechanical, and combination filters. The exact type of filter system you select should be based on the kind of water garden you have in place. Size of the garden pond will also help determine which filter will be most effective. Water Gardens pond that includes a waterfall needs a biological filter. If you have Koi or other fish in your water garden, a pond filter that includes biological media specific to the type of fish in your pond may be more appropriate. Pond filters come in all different sizes so you can easily find one that is suitable for your garden pond. It is important you understand the specific filtration needs of your fish in order to make the right filter selection. You might want to consider a pond skimmer/filter combination. With this type of system, you benefit by getting biological as well as mechanical filtration at the same time. These systems come with filter brushes and debris nets that you use for mechanical filtration. A biological media is included that provides water filtration. This type of system is particularly useful for deep garden ponds. You can also buy garden pond filters that combine biological, mechanical and UV filters. Being able to purchase these in one package is economical and efficient. And if you plan to assemble and install the filter system yourself, this type of combination filter can be especially useful. Combination filters are a good choice if your garden pond has existed for awhile and you can see that debris has settled at the bottom of the pond. Depending on the size of your garden pond, you may still need a pond vacuum cleaner to keep the bottom of the pond clear of muck and debris buildup. This is a great alternative to draining the pond and cleaning it. You save time and money while protecting the health of your fish and plant life by keeping ecosystems in place while cleaning. Choosing the right filter system is essential if you want your garden pond to remain healthy. A filter system helps keep out all of the debris and harmful toxins that can increase the growth of algae while killing off essential animal and plant life. Dirty garden ponds are not only visually unappealing, but they can destroy natural ecosystems in a short period of time. For this reason, you want to select the best filter system for your garden pond and get it installed soon!


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