Amazing Pond Lighting Ideas to Add Magical Look to Your Backyard

Amazing Pond Lighting Ideas to Add Magical Look to Your Backyard

Pond lighting is the perfect way to make your water feature sparkle. Underwater lighting can give you the opportunity to see your fish swim long after the sun goes down. The perfect lighting set up can add a magical element to your pond that you simply can't achieve with anything else. Keep these tips in mind to make your backyard pond look beautiful. 

Types Of Pond Lighting

Pond owners have several options to consider when deciding which pond lighting ideas are appropriate to achieve the ideal look. It's important to plan your pond lighting before taking action. 

Underwater Lights

Underwater lights are lights that are specially designed to be placed underneath the water in your pond without suffering water damage. It's important to note that you cannot place any type of lighting underwater. You have to use underwater lights. 

It's common to place underwater pond lights in various locations throughout the pond as well as along the perimeter of the pond. A soft glow from bulb lights can highlight aquatic plants and give pond owners the option of watching their fish swim throughout their backyard pond. 

Underwater pond lights look amazing when used with another water feature, such as a waterfall. Place lights behind the water along the rocks of your waterfall to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your waterfall. This garden pond lighting idea can be used in combination with other ideas or by itself. 

Water Feature Lights

While picking up some submersible lights for your pond is a great DIY project, you can pick up water feature lights specifically designed for your water feature. Purchase a light for your fountain from the same company that made your pond fountain or consider a spotlight to place behind your waterfall. Water feature lights highlight specific features in or around your pond to create an enchanting atmosphere. 

Brass Lighting Fixtures

When selecting products for your pond lighting, it’s important to consider what they are made of. Most metals, such as aluminum, corrode and rust over time. Plastic can crack due to extreme temperature fluctuations. Brass lighting fixtures do not rust, making them an exceptional option. 

Pond Lighting Tips

Once you've determined the look that you want, and learned about the types of lighting you have available, check out these great lighting tips to transform your backyard into a heavenly retreat. 

Purchase A Lighting Kit

A lighting kit for outdoor lighting is the perfect purchase for anyone that wants to invest in the aesthetic appeal of their backyard or pond. 

Pond lighting kits come in various sizes and colors to help you achieve the look that you want. The lights featured in these kits are usually designed to be water and weatherproof, making it easy to find the perfect lights for your pond. 

Use A Single Lighting Source For Soft Lighting

A single lighting source that comes from a pond fountain is bright enough to create a soft glow across the backyard. Soft illumination creates a romantic glow. 

Avoid Multiple Colors

It's hard not to become obsessed with the multitude of color options available when researching underwater pond lighting ideas. While utilizing different colors tends to have a certain appeal, it's important not to go overboard. Using too many different colors can be overwhelming to the senses. 

Use Similar Lighting Fixtures

Using various lighting fixtures can result in a chaotic look throughout your outdoor space. Instead, opt for lighting fixtures that coordinate well together because they have the same style. For example, tiki torches have a boho/outdoor style. Because of that, they won't coordinate well with lighting fixtures that have a contemporary style. 

Consider LED Lights

LED lights are perfect for creating an ambient glow throughout the backyard. They are bright enough to be used as landscape lights, garden path lights, or exterior pond lights. Most LED lights can be easily controlled with a remote, and come with RGB lights so that you can change the color of them. 

However, there are a few things to keep in mind when using LED lights to enhance your backyard. Although most LED lights that are designed for outdoor use are weatherproof, the electrical cord is not. Because of that, you will need to shelter it from the weather. Using trash bags to cover the cord is a budget-friendly way to do this. 

LED lights are also designed to be extremely bright. If the glow of the lights is not slightly suppressed by bushes or flowers, too many lights can create too much light. Lots of light makes you feel too energized and can make guests feel overstimulated. 

Enhance Waterfalls

Waterfall lighting is a gorgeous option, but that is not the only decorative option pond owners have. You can use submersible lighting to enhance any water fixture.

For example, place lights around the edge of centerpiece fountains to highlight this water fixture while simultaneously creating a glow throughout your pond.

Pond owners that already have water features need to research the company that they purchased the feature from. Most companies that sell pond fountains sell coordinating light kits.

Balance Your Pond Lighting With The Rest Of Your Backyard Lighting

If you have bright backyard lighting, such as bright security lights, it’s critical to make sure that your pond lighting is soft. When you have bright landscape lighting and choose to use bright pond lighting, the effect will be overpowering. Your entire backyard will be too bright to be enjoyable. Always keep all of the lighting in your backyard in mind when deciding which pond lighting products are right for illuminating your pond.  

In Conclusion

Pond lighting projects enhance water features and the backyard to create a new effect in your outdoor space. It doesn't matter whether you're entertaining or meditating, there is a lighting option to meet your needs. Browse through our outdoor lighting products to discover the perfect ways to illuminate your backyard. 

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