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Pond Bacteria Help Keep Your Pond Clean

Pond Bacteria Help Keep Your Pond Clean

For most people the terms bacteria and clean water may not seem to go together but the reality is your pond will need certain Pond Boost Beneficial Bacteria in order to maintain the ecology of the pond. Fish waste and dead plants will gather on the bottom and the bacteria will help it decompose as well as helps to prevent the pond from developing odors. A well oxygenated pond with good Beneficial bacteria doing its job on the bottom will result in clean, clear water and develop into a healthy environment for aquatic life. Good bacteria help in a variety of ways including:
  • Reducing gases such as sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide
  • Helps break down waste on the bottom
  • Helps eliminate ammonia and nitrites
  • Provides a healthier environment for aquatic life
Ammonia and nitrites are deadly to fish and when the bacteria cannot thrive in the pond the waste settles at the bottom where natural decay will take considerably longer to occur. This will also result in gases like sulfur dioxide eventually rising to the top and creating an unpleasant odor around your pond. Additionally, it could result in the bottom of the pond having little or no oxygen resulting in areas that can no longer support life. Of using commercial bacteria in your pond, even just to kick start a new pond, you should ensure it is safe not only for the environment, but also for pets and children. Ponds are like a magnet for small animals that could become ill if certain chemicals are used to add bacteria to the water. For more information on Pond Bacteria please visit our online store.


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