Optional Additions to Your Pond

Optional Additions to Your Pond


You love your yard, many hours of leisure and recreation enjoyed by family and friends. You carefully cultivated it to your vision at the time…but it isn’t that time anymore. Maybe your yard furniture was looking dated or just too used to keep using. Maybe the plants have grown and the look of the yard has just evolved. Maybe you are just ready for a change. Where do you start and what kind of options should you consider?

It may feel a little restrictive with an established yard, feels like the opposite to a blank canvas of no landscaping, but that doesn’t mean your hands are tied. Many minor changes can have a dramatic impact, and sometimes, just something pretty and new can put a new energy into your treasured outdoor space. Let’s take a look at some options.

  • Lighting. A little change in lighting can alter the feel of an entire room, the power it can have on the ambience of your yard is twofold. Think about the varied tones, and shadows. Look around, are you really highlighting the areas you really want to draw your eye to? Love your pond but can’t see it at night? You don’t have to go with glaring spotlights, think mood….your pond is beautiful and peaceful. Fiber optic LED Underwater Lighting in and around your pond can enhance the tranquility, and offer a glow. Led underwater lights can give a touch of drama and flair. Properly placed lighting can showcase your pond, and the surrounding foliage.
  • Drama. Add a huge punch to a spot that needs a little help with a fire fountain. Take the chi to a new level of balance by introducing these dramatic and esthetically pleasing beauties. The wow factor for any party and the highlight for your back yard décor. These stunning little units have the most impact for a small stand alone element and you will fall in love with your yard all over again.
  • Double up. A small pond turns to a position of balance if you sister it with a complimentary pond near it. He wants koi, she wants goldfish…have both. They don’t have to be symmetrical just chose a design that compliments the one you have and give it a big sister, or a little sister. Try a bridge or path between them, or have them in total separate area with their own personality.
  • Add a waterfall. If you have a large enough space consider a fountain. Most urban residential applications will be suited to a waterfall. The tranquil flow of water will put new life into your pond, and your entire yard. If you have the space seriously consider a fountain, every light change of the day, or of the season gives it a new life and is so refreshing to the yard, and your spirit.
Most importantly have fun with it. Look at your old familiar spaces with fresh eyes and see what you want to highlight and how. There really is no limit to how many times you can fall in love with your yard again.
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