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How Can You Prevent Summer Fish Kills?

When summer temperatures soar, you can protect your pond fish with proper maintenance and an aeration system that keeps oxygen flowing through their gills. Fish kills are no joke, but you can save your koi, bass or catfish with a little planning. 

What Causes Fish Kills?

Fish kills occur in natural bodies of water and can impact your small or large pond starting in late July and running through the hottest part of summer. These sudden die-offs are typically caused by algal bloom or hot weather, according to Penn State University

Water temperatures may rise above what most fish can tolerate. However, large-scale algal blooms more commonly cause summer fish kills. Following large algal bloom, the plants may suddenly die off, reducing the amount of dissolved oxygen available for fish. 

Symptoms to look for include fish gulping at the surface and crayfish and snails accumulating at the edge of the pond. While it's hard to quickly turn the situation around, dyes and herbicides can limit algal growth in early summer. Additionally, you can install aeration devices to pump dissolve oxygen into the pond to help fish breath better during vegetation blooms. 

Summer Fish Kill Prevention

You can protect your fish by investing in a pond aeration system and dyes that help keep your pond cool during the hot summer months. 

Importance of Pond Aeration

Protect your fish pond with an aeration system installed in early summer. Pond aeration systems reduce decomposition and support beneficial aerobic bacteria that maintain clear water. Aeration systems pump fresh oxygen from diffusers to help fish breathe more easily and can be incorporated into fountains and water features. 

A Pond aerator kit has an air diffuser and air pump. Compressed air travels through the air pump to the diffuser placed on the bottom of the pond. Air bubbles rise to the surface and create a small current. The current allows oxygen-depleted water to rise to the surface for aeration. The motion of the bubble encourages the circulation of oxygen in the water and reduces levels of hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide.

Aeration accessories include tubing and additional diffusers to customize your aeration system to meet the needs of your pond.

Pond Dyes Beautify and Cool Your Pond

Give your pond a calm aqua color that contrasts with surrounding greenery or landscaping. Pond dye disperses evenly to create a beautiful, natural-looking color that won't harm or stain plants and animals.

Pond dyes expand your summer fish kill prevention plan to help keep your pond cooler and slow algal blooms that jeopardize your fish. The dye blocks some of the negative impacts of excessive sunlight. Additionally, cooler temperatures facilitate easy respiration for your stocked fish. 

Protect your pond fish with pond dyes, aeration systems and other products, such as herbicides and algaecides, geared toward summer fish kill prevention. 

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