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FAQ for New Pond Owners – Part 2

FAQ for New Pond Owners – Part 2

  1. My pond’s aeration system is costing me a fortune each month on my electric bill. I love my pond, but not the electrical upkeep cost. Is there anything I can do to minimize or cut these costs?
  • Aeration systems can add up over time, especially with your electric bill. There are ways to cut the costs your system is accumulating. There is actually an all natural way of eliminating high electric bills and aerating your pond. A windmill aeration kit from Living Water Aeration provides the aeration and circulation your pond needs.
  • There are different types of windmills to perform the aeration. One includes power coating and the other is made of galvanized steel. These windmills are effective in as little as three to five mile per hour winds. You can even customize your windmill colors to go with your pond’s theme or to match your landscaping and house. To view different windmill options, check out this page. Going with an Aeration Windmill will drastically reduce your electric bills.
  1. Are there other options to aerating a pond that are both aesthetically pleasing and enhance the overall water quality of my small pond while being safe for the environment?
  • Introducing oxygen to the water in your pond is essential for the water’s health and clarity, but can sometimes be expensive if a pump is used or paddlewheels. If you are looking for aesthetic pleasure and something is environmentally sustainable for your small pond, a fountain would be the most opportune way to go. Fountains splash, trickle and dance to create a beautiful show in your pond.
  • Many people also enjoy the tranquil sound of the continuous splashing water. Fountains are also beneficial in waning off unwanted gases. Fountains are typically energy efficient as well and utilize very little upkeep. The water fountains found at Living Water Aeration provide high oxygen transfers and also create a stunning addition to your pond.  To view the Kasco Aerating Fountains they supply, visit this page.
  1. I live in a climate that has unpredictable changing seasons. I would like to add aesthetic value to both my outdoor pond area during the spring and summer and be able to use it inside in the fall and winter. Are there any fountains or water vases that can be used for both indoor and outdoor use?
  • Being able to transfer your water fountain or water vase between indoor and outdoor use is a fantastic idea, especially for those living in a climate such as yours. There are water fountains that can be easily transferred between the two places and can add artistic style to both inside and outside. Making your water piece blend in with a natural surrounding outside is usually effortless. Indoor water pieces can also be beautiful if you have an indoor fountain or area to have it naturally blend in.
  • Indoor water fountains are beneficial because they create soothing sounds and viewing pleasure when you can’t go outside. The water’s continuous circulation is also convenient for indoor purposes.  To view indoor and outdoor water fountains or statues, go here. They provide a beautiful array of both inside and outside use fountains to maintain aesthetic pleasure all year long.


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