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6 Reasons Why You Should Build a Pond

6 Reasons Why You Should Build a Pond

Are you thinking about building a pond to add value to your landscape? There are several reasons why adding a pond to an enclosure is appealing and beneficial.
  1. Aesthetic Pleasure: A pond is a tranquil addition to your yard. Your pond can be transformed into a beautiful water garden or a fish pond. Ponds can also be used to dilute noise pollution if you live in an urban environment. Ponds are also beneficial for numerous forms of plant life, including the tantalizing water lily. Water fountains added to your pond can also create soothing sounds and beautiful displays of dancing water. The aesthetic values of a pond are endless.
  1. Benefits Your Garden: If you use mulch in your gardens, a pond could be a beneficial aspect to create biomass. When biomass from your pond is used as mulch, it releases carbon back into the environment, a crucial part of a plant’s lifespan. The natural mulch created by your pond is weed free and completely nontoxic. It eliminates weed growth and reduces the need to constantly water your plants.
  1. Safely Water Your Plants: A pond can also provide irrigation for your yard. Using pond water to enhance your plant’s lives is natural and cost effective. If you live in the city, the water can be harsh on plants. Rain barrels are a nice option to avoid the use of city water on your plants, but not very keen for viewing pleasure. Sprinklers can even be connected through piping to provide irrigated water from the pond to your plants.
  1. Control Mosquitoes: If you live in an area where mosquitoes swarm in the hot summer months, a pond can be a great solution to this pesky problem. Little fish known as mosquito fish love to feed on mosquito larvae. These little fish look like minnows, so if you are going to have a smaller pond they would be ideal. If you are looking for a more eye appealing fish, koi fish are known all around the world as one of the most beautiful and peaceful fish. They too feed off of mosquito larvae to prevent a mosquito population from forming in your habitat surrounding the pond.
  1. For Bird Lovers: If you are a bird lover, a pond would be an essential aspect of your aesthetic landscape. As a bird lover, you know that birds are naturally compelled to be near water. Birds will come to your pond to bathe and drink the water. Also as a beneficial aspect in controlling mosquitoes, birds eat bugs.
  1. Benefiting the Climate: Ponds act as a type of climate control in for the habitat. If you plan on placing a pond near your garden, the water from it allows you to plant flowers or plants that could not otherwise survive. The water from the pound will also supply additional reflective sunlight for plants that thrive in a sunny environment. The water from the plant also stabilizes the temperature around it, allowing certain plants to survive longer throughout the year.
Building a pond has a variety of beneficial factors for garden, bird and fish lovers as well as natural benefactors for the overall environment and your viewing pleasure.


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