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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Aeration System for Your Pond

5 Tips for Choosing the Right Aeration System for Your Pond

If you’re a first time buyer, choosing an aeration system for your pond can be a challenge. There are many options available, and you might not have the time to compare them all and find out what each feature means. Moreover, you will also have to calculate the surface area and depth of your pond. Are you good at math? Here are some tips that will help you chose right:
  • The surface area and the depth of your pond matter. You want a pond aeration system that is powerful enough to aerate your pond, but you will want to avoid one which is too powerful, as it will increase your monthly electricity bill considerably, and sometimes even harm the fish. In the aeration system’s product description you will find the pond surface area it can cover. When it comes to depth, you should keep in mind that the same diffuser can handle a small area when the pond is shallow, but a greater area when the pond is deep. What you want to avoid is putting a shallow aeration system in a deep pond, because the former cannot aerate efficiency when the depth is greater than 7 feet.
  • The shape of your pond also matters. The shape of your pond matters, especially when it’s irregular or has coves. When your pond has a simple round or oval shape, as most ponds tend to have, you can use almost any aeration system for it. But for strangely-shaped ponds you might have to buy one or more additional diffusers to ensure that all parts of it will be well aerated.
  • Prefer a diffused aeration system if you have a pond that’s deeper than six feet. These systems aerate from the bottom up, ensuring that the entire pond is well aerated, not only the surface. And because diffused systems run on electricity, they prove to be efficient in the long run.
  • Solar-powered aerators help you cut energy costs. New solar-powered systems have appeared in the last few years that can work without sunlight for days, and provide almost the same performance as Aerator Pump System that run on electricity. In terms of energy efficiency and low long-term maintenance costs, they are ideal choices.
  • Prefer quiet systems. Unfortunately, few customers think about the noise that water aeration systems make before purchasing them. Most systems aren’t noisy and will do for most customers, but some models are specially designed to be quiet, such as Living Water’s Quiet Line Pond Aeration System. If the fishes in your pond could speak, they will urge you to buy a quiet aeration system.
In the end you have to remember that every pond is unique and requires an aeration system tailored for it if it is to stay beautiful and healthy for the fishes. Always ask your water aeration system provider for help and advice before making a purchase, and be willing to pay more for quality. A high-quality system will last for many years, and it’s an excellent investment, one you will never regret making.


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