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10 Things You Need to Know About Diffused Aeration Systems

10 Things You Need to Know About Diffused Aeration Systems

Diffused aeration water systems are used to aerate ponds that are 6 feet or deeper. These systems are more powerful than water garden kits, which should be used only for small water gardens. Learn more about diffused aeration systems below.

  • In contrast to a surface aerator which has an electric motor in the water, a diffused aerator has its motor on the shore. Because of this the motor can be easier to manage or repair.
  • A diffused aeration system consists of three parts: an air compressor, an air hose, and a diffuser. When the pond where the system is used is large, two or more diffusers can be used, to ensure that the system covers the entire pond effectively.
  • A diffused aerator has a major advantage over a surface aerator: it aerates from the bottom up, the entire pond. A diffused aerator sits on the bottom of the pond, and this generally makes the aeration more effective even for ponds that are deep and large.
  • They require little maintenance. To ensure that an aerator you purchase from Living Water Aeration continues to operate effectively, every two or three years you have to clean its air filter, and check whether the gasket or diaphragm need to be replaced – they usually do. You have to remember that these systems are made to operate continuously.
  • They last for a long time. When you buy an aerator made by an established manufacturer you make a great investment. The aerator will last for years, provided that every once in a while you carry out a basic maintenance procedures, as described above.
  • They keep your pond healthy and fresh. Ponds that don’t have any aeration systems tend to become stagnant, especially when they are deep, and end up looking murky and smelling unpleasantly. Diffused aeration systems ensure that the pond will be beautiful to look at, and healthy for the fishes in it.
  • Diffused aerators are better than fountain aerators when it comes to aerating deep ponds. Fountain aerators are a decorative choice suitable for water gardens, but they cannot aerate the bottom of ponds, which is necessary to keep the ponds fresh.
  • They are an energy-efficient solution for shallow ponds, providing total aeration. If you have a shallow pond, you will want to use a diffused aerator specially designed for it. We offer several models, all providing high-volume surface aeration.
  • They are affordable. Many diffused aeration systems cost only a few hundred dollars and require a one-time-only investment. That’s a price worth paying to keep your pond fresh and attractive.
  • Diffused aeration systems can come with different compressors:
◦                linear – energy efficient, best for shallow ponds ◦                diaphragm – high pressure, best for deep ponds ◦                rotary vane – medium pressure, best for large ponds ◦                rocking piston – high pressure, best for ponds up to 40 feet deep As you can see, diffused aeration systems have many advantages. Choose your system with care, read the product description carefully, and you will make a sound investment.


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