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Scott Aerator The Triad Pond Fountain

Scott Aerator The Triad Pond Fountain

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Product Description

Introducing the Triad Pond Fountain, a versatile centerpiece from Scott Aerator. This multifaceted water feature enhances the beauty of your outdoor space while promoting pond health. It comes equipped with three distinct brass nozzles, each offering a unique aesthetic and function, that can be swapped with ease in minutes - no tools required!

Choose Your Water Display

Experience the versatility of the Triad with its three different nozzle options:

  • Gusher Nozzle: Offers a traditional, lively geyser-style display.
  • Cambridge Nozzle: Provides an elegant, cascading water pattern.
  • Skyward Nozzle: Delivers a towering, upward jet of water.

Each nozzle contributes to a dynamic and visually pleasing pondscape, improving water clarity and oxygen levels to promote a healthy aquatic environment.

Environmentally Friendly and Winter-Ready

The Triad adheres to Scott Aerator's commitment to the environment, featuring a stainless steel, oil-free submersible motor and pump, making it one of the most eco-friendly fountains on the market. Our products are engineered to withstand winter conditions without the need for costly and time-consuming winterizing procedures. Simply turn off the power supply and leave your fountain in the water - it'll endure sub-zero conditions without damage, ready to resume operation when the spring thaw comes.

Quality, Warranty and Additional Features

Proudly manufactured in the USA, the Triad Fountain carries an unconditional 5-year motor warranty for your peace of mind. The unit comes with 100 feet of submersible, 12-gauge cable, with options for greater lengths available. Enhance your fountain's aesthetic appeal with optional lighting. Experience the perfect blend of versatility, beauty, and durability with Scott Aerator's Triad Pond Fountain.