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Scott Aerator The Atriarch Pond Fountain

Scott Aerator The Atriarch Pond Fountain

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Product Description

Add elegance to your outdoor setting with the newest addition to the Scott Aerator product line - The Atriarch Pond Fountain. This exquisite water feature is designed to create a tranquil ambience, enhancing your outdoor living experience and adding value to your investment. Available in 1½-hp, 2-hp, and 3-hp models, the Atriarch is versatile and well-suited for both residential and commercial use.

Select Your Atriarch Pond Fountain

  • 1½-hp Atriarch Fountain: This lovely model brings a touch of charm to any pond or lakescape. It's a durable, maintenance-free option that guarantees years of flawless performance.

  • 2-hp Atriarch Fountain: Uplift the aesthetic appeal of your waterbody with this model, that boasts an increased horsepower for a more vibrant water display.

  • 3-hp Atriarch Fountain: Experience the ultimate display of elegance with our highest power model. This robust variant ensures a stunning and enduring water spectacle, adding immense value to your property.

Design and Functionality

The vibrant and classy look of the Atriarch is achieved with a solid brass center nozzle surrounded by eight individual brass nozzles, creating a stunning water feature that can captivate any onlooker. Each model is expertly engineered to adapt to all types of applications, assuring you many years of maintenance-free performance.

By choosing the Scott Aerator Atriarch Pond Fountain, you invest in a water feature that combines elegance, durability, and a captivating display. It's a unique, environmentally-friendly addition that can turn your waterbody into a tranquil retreat, amplifying the overall appeal of your outdoor space.