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How to Get Rid of Green Pond Water

How to Get Rid of Green Pond Water

Green pond water is caused by an abundance of algae. Although unsightly, green water contains many nutrients, and tends to be healthy for the fish. But it’s an eyesore; it prevents you from seeing the fish and the other plants in the water, and takes the fun out of your pond. It has to be cleaned up. How Does Algae Grow What causes an algae boom? Sunlight, overfeeding fish, and an excess of nitrates. Algae are most likely to thrive in the springtime. All that organic waste that had accumulated in your pond during winter is broken down by the reawakening bacteria. The chemicals that the bacteria release into the water encourage the growth of algae. Fighting Algae To get rid of green pond water you must do three things: replace the water, remove the algae, and prevent them from reappearing. Early spring is the best time to do a full pond clean-up, pumping out all the water, moving the fish to a tank, removing organic debris, tearing up algae, and pressure-cleaning the bottom. Pour fresh water in, add to it a good dechlorinator and plenty of natural bacteria, and put back on the fish. Once you do that you must make sure that the algae won’t reappear. Provide more shading for your pond by using floating plants. Reduce the organic waste by feeding the fish less – one meal a day will suffice. But more importantly, improve the aeration and filtration. Aeration keeps the water moving; filtration removes the chemicals that nurture algae. Water Filters and Aeration Systems Conventional Pond Filter should to be removed every week. Aeration systems don’t require much maintenance; it’s enough to ensure that they are working. But to be effective they must aerate all the pond, or as much of it as possible. Using an outdated or ineffective aeration system is a common cause of green pond water. If you’re not satisfied with your current aerator, or if you need an additional one, Living Water Aeration offers a variety of high-quality yet affordable aerators for all types of water, from the small backyard water garden to the large koi pond. Tips For Keeping Your Pond Water Clear
  • Keep your fish population under control to minimize waste that nourishes the algae. Don’t keep more than a dozen Koi in a small pond.
  • Feed the fish no more than once a day. Consider investing in a fish feeder such as Sweeney Galvanized Fish Feeder 100 lbs. - 650 lbs. that comes with a timer and helps you better schedule the meals of the fish. This device is excellent for large ponds with a considerable fish population.
  • Use an anti-algae treatment suitable for the type of algae you have. Green water is generally caused by planktonic algae which consists of millions of cells that cluster together. Find out more here.
A Pond Fountains can also help improve the aeration, especially at the surface of the water, and is a good addition to your pond if you wish to keep algae under control.


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