Solar Powered Pond Aerators

Above are our Solar Aeration offerings. There are 2 brands and 2 kinds to choose from:

Solaer Solar Pond Aerators - These solar pond aerators are ideal for both small and large ponds. Perfect for remote locations with no electricty. These units have battery back up and once the batteries are fully charged they can run for 3 consecutive days with no further sun light. When you absolutely have to have reliable aeration 24 hours a day in locations with no power source this is the unit you want to invest in.

AerMaster Solar Pond Aerators - These solar aeration systems are called direct drive, meaning they are powered directly by the Sun with no battery back up. Not having the battery back up reduces the cost significantly compared to the Solaer brand, however you will only have aeration so long as the sun is out.

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K. T. Hinkle
from Valdosta, GA asked:
September 5, 2017
Would like to add solar powered pond aerators to 14 acre pond. Would like two fountains. Do I need two systems? What is my best option and cost?
Yes you would need two systems these solar aerators to not have the capability to make a decorative display they are sub-surface diffusers. Currently we do not have solar pond fountains on the website, but they are available from one of our suppliers, they start out around $6000, but that is only able to power 1/2 HP or 1 HP at the most so in a 14 acre lake a solar fountain might not be feasible.
Customer Service
on September 6, 2017

from Central Texas asked:
June 1, 2017
Do I need a pond aerator when distributing copper sulfate crystals in pond to treat algae?
You don't need one but the aerator can help the algaecide work more effectively by mixing it well in the pond. The algaecide is only a temporary solution while having an aerator will help you long term. For bad algae problems it is best to use both initially then hopefully once the aeration starts doing its thing you will not have the need for algaecides in the future.
Customer Service
on June 16, 2017


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